Friday, 9 October 2015

Renegades and Heretics: Evolving the list Part 1

Its been a very long time since I have done an evolving list, and last time it was with the Eldar, a couple of codex's ago. Currently my renegade list is rather stale, as I only have a small number of models, but I want to try and grow it into something of a more playable list, while still keeping its character.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

My Local Gaming club

A look at my local gaming store

For about two years now I have been going to the same gaming club, and I haven't really mentioned it on here at all, so I though that I would share with you all. I live in the north-west of England so my closest club is at the Wargame store, in Brimstage.

I have been to a couple of gaming clubs in my time, starting with a club in school back when I was young which quickly fell through. Next I went to a very well organised club which unfortunately fell apart after 6 months when attendance fell and it couldn't keep running. During uni I went to my local games workshop but unfortunately it wasn't for me, I didn't quite get on with the people there, but I did venture in from time to time when the mood took me. I have also been to a club a little distance from me for tournaments every now and then but I don't think I could be a regular there for any extended time. But now I have found a home in the wargame store, a very friendly atmosphere which I don't mean to leave for a while.

Little bit of Age of Sigmar

At the wargame store there are a fair few tables, ranging in size and style. From memory there are six 4x4 tables for skirmish games such as Malifaux or warmachine, a 6x4 table for what ever game you like, and two 8x4 tables which are great for 40k or Age of Sigmar. From my recent planetstrike battle report I played on a large table, 6 x 12 to be exact, which is brilliant for larger games of 40k, but a lot of people play large historical games on them. The tables keep getting moved around so it could change in the future, we used to have a lot more 6x4 tables, but we still have a good amount of space, and you can always put two 4x4 tables together, rather versatile.

One of the many tables

As a side note, some of the 4x4 tables can be reversed and on the other side they have a table for dropzone commander, a rather under represented game, but the option is there for people to play it. Also a fair amount of terrain for it is in storage, its not my cup of tea, but some people enjoy playing it. The terrain at the club is varied, mostly for Malifaux and warhammer, but they also have a lot for 15mm games such as flames of war. So what ever your taste, there is a table for you.

Malifaux in full swing

Currently we have a healthy Malifaux group with a fair few people playing it on a regular basis. If you ask someone will always play a game of 40k, and sometimes Ago of Sigmar if you ask nicely. I know in the past Flames of war has been played and I'm sure if you wanted a game some one could dust off their collection and play you. At the moment we have a 40k campaign going on which always welcome more players, and a few people are playing Gorkamorka, which was a surprise to most of us.

Some GorkaMorka action
I guess the reason for this post is rather self indulgence, its always good to get more people to come to the club, and I always need new opponents to play. I am sure you are all aware my opponents are rather finite, and I am always happy to see my armies on the table against me.

If any of you reading this are in the Northwest of England and don't mind travelling to Brimstage, in the wirral, come and play me in the wargame store, meeting more gamers is always great and you all know my armies, come and kick my ass.

As a extra benefit, wargame store stock most everything by Games workshop as well as warmachine, malifaux, infinity and a few other things which are totally alien to me. Also quite a bit of the items sold are discounted, GW products are 10% for example. Have a closer look by visiting the site:

If any one wants to come challenge me (and kick my ass), drop me a comment and we can arrange something.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Renegades and Heretics vs Dark Eldar 1500: Venom strike

A new guy has started coming to the gaming club and was after a 1500 point game of 40k, so I gladly obliged with the renegades as I'm enjoying using them at the moment. He brought out dark eldar and we played a mealstrom of war game. I'm out of practice facing fast forces.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Vampire Counts vs Khorne Bloodbound: Hold the line!

My vampire counts face off against the forces of khorne, in a smaller game. Can the undead face a much more skilled foe this time round? The mission is breakthrough, so my undead legion has to hold off the blood frenzied followers of khorne for as long as possible.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Painting: Black Orcs

Carrying on with my orcs for AoS I have completed the first 5 of my black orcs. I have 10 of them over all so just 5 more to go. I have always liked black orcs as the models are great and the back ground on them is quite cool as well. But unfortunately when i bought them you could only get metal models so i never got more than 10 so they never got painted or used, until now.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Imperium vs Chaos 4000 points: Planetstrike!!!

Every now and then you get the urge for a big game of 40k. This time we decided it should be a planetstrike game, as we haven't yet tried the newer rules that came out not so long ago. Its 4000 points a side. We have a chaos held world being assaulted by the Imperium of Man, can my renegades hold the planet or will the defences fall?

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Painting Update: Orc Warboss and Renegade Mortars

Recently I have had a little bit of time for painting so I have cracked on with a few things I have had needing to be completed. So I though I would just show you all what I have done, an orc bsb and some renegade heavy mortars.