Monday, 20 May 2013

Wraithguard 50% done!

It's been a while since these guys last appeared but i am slowly painting them. It was a lot easier to paint the first 3, but i am determined to get them painted before the next codex. Knowing my luck they will be a terrible choice and i will never use them again... lets wait and see. Currently i would say they are 50% done, so not too long till i can be happy to field them.

And this little base is a hint at what i am painting up after the wraithguard. Any guesses? tomorrows post should explain more.


  1. lookin good mate
    one question though
    being a student we get the pleasure of having a week off every half term and that week is next week
    Sir has arranged for us to come to the forge next thursday
    are u busy?
    i understand if you are working or whatever but it would be a great time to get a large Eldar vs Eldar game!

    1. Sorry dude I will be at work all day. Odd day to pick thursday but hope you all have fun.

      Report on what you do while at the forge.