Sunday, 26 January 2014

Borrowed Nids

This rather large force of tyranids belongs to a friend of mine and he has very generously let me borrow it for the time being to test out the new nids codex. I will probably only have a game or two with them before going back to my eldar, but a bit of a change is always fun.

I can use 40 hourmagaunts and 40 termagants as well as 20 genestealers, so that could be a very swarm list right there, or i could take advantage of his 3 trygons or 5 carnifexs. First of all though i will proxy it as the list that i originally came up with, seeing how good/bad it really is on the table. 

I doubt it would be very good, but i could use 2 walking tyrants, 3 carnifexs, a tervigone and 2 trygons. Would it be good? probably not, but it would be fun testing it out against, say, blood angels? or an Ork Mek list.

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