Friday, 7 March 2014

Eldar vs Death Guard Chaos Space marines 2000: Holding the Trench

Once again the Deathguard attempt to spread their contagions, the Eldar of Dem-Kirath must stop them. It’s a 2000 point game of Big guns never tire, on a rather interesting board, a trench system and bunkers. Eldar vs Chaos space marines.

I just wan't to appologise now for the quality of some of the pictures, i didn't realise till i uploaded them how bad some of them are. I will try harder in future.

The Armies

Eldar 1996

Farseer – 120 (warlord: stealth for a shooting phase) w/ bikes
Bike, singing spear [prescience, guide, mind war]

6 jetbikes – 122
2x shuriken cannon

10 Guardians – 110
Bright lance
Wave Serpent – 145
Twin-linked Scatter laser, Shuriken cannon, holo field

10 Guardians – 110
Bright lance
Wave Serpent – 145
Twin-linked Scatter laser, Shuriken cannon, holo field

6 rangers – 72

10 Howling Banshees – 170
Exarch, executioner

2 Vypers – 140
Star cannon, shuriken cannon

8 Warp spiders – 152

Crimson Hunter – 190
Exarch, marksman’s eye

Wraithknight – 240

Fire Prism – 140
Holo field

2 War walkers – 140
Scatter laser, bright lance

The Eldar War host

Chaos Space Marines

Typhus (warlord: fear) w/ plague marines in land raider
[nurgles rot, weapon virus]

7 plague Marines
Power fist, 2x melta gun
Extra armour

7 plague Marines
Power fist, 2x melta gun
Extra armour

7 plague Marines (in land raider
Power fist, plasma pistol, 2x plasma gun

5 Spawn
Mark of Nurgle

Blight Drone
Blight Drone

Dozer blade, daemonic possession, warpflame gargoyles

Dozer blade, daemonic possession, warpflame gargoyles

Land raider
Extra armour, warp flame gargoyals

Quite the tough nut to crack, it’s hard to shift, had 4 large blasts and quite mobile if uses correctly, I could be in some serious trouble here.

The mechanised decay
The Mission

We rolled up big guns never tire (5 objectives) with vanguard strike deployment. If he gets the trench line for deployment I have no chance of shifting him. Anyway we roll for deployment zone and he win the roll, but elects the pick a deployment zone opposite the trenches, so I have the trenches. We place down the objectives, 1 goes onto the crashed helicopter, on goes straight into the centre of the table. 2 go in the trenches and a single one is placed at the back of my deployment zone next to a trench.

The Battle Field

Rolling for first turn chaos wins again, he elects to set up and go first. A simple deployment for him, all troops in a transport, the land raider goes in the centre, a rhino to its right, a vindicator to its left, then the spawn, rhino and vindicator in that order to its left. Both drones start in reserve as they are fliers.  

My deployment wasn’t the best; I placed a single unit of guardians manning the front trench, as it looked so fun it had to be done. I placed the banshees in a trench towards the left of the table, hopefully they will survive enough to charge something. The fire prism and bikes go right at the end of my zone out of range of his lascannons (at first) and the wraithknight takes point at the front. I place the war walkers far right hopefully to get some rear armour shots on some tanks. The wave serpents separate ahead of and to the side of the bikes but behind the wraithknight. The one on the left still has guardians in; vypers go behind a wave serpent on the right. I infiltrate the rangers far right hoping to get his objective, I reserve the warp spiders, ready to deep strike in later.

Guardians hold the line.

Night Fight: turn 1
Steal the initiative: No

The Battle

Chaos turn 1

Engines roaring all of the tanks move straight for the eldar lines, ready to breach the trenches. Nice and simple, just the way the death guard like it.

Both of the lascannons from the land raider target the wraithknight and hit, but only a single one wounds. Both vindicators target the wraithknight as well and both lock on, reducing him to half wounds (3 if you didn’t know). The rhinos go flat out.

Eldar turn 1

Starting the turn the farseer attempts to cast guide on the vypers but rolls a 12, and has to use a warp charge to avoid a perils of the warp. He then attempts to guide the prism but fails. On the far right the rangers move into the woods while the war walkers’ move forwards as well. The wraithknight move straight for the land raider, while the empty wave serpent moves to the right.

Running forwards to get a better shot the war walkers get ready to strike, they then shoot at the rhino next to the land raider. The bright lances explode the rhino but no plague marines are hurt in the process. A cheeky shot from the guardian’s bright lance penetrates the land raiders armour and destroys a lascannon. Attempting to finish the metal behemoth the wraithknight shoots at the land raider but fails to get past its thick armour. Because of night fight the fire prim is just out of range of the land raider so instead shoots at a spawn and wounds it. The vypers shoot at the plague marines on the floor and manages to kill a single marine. The right wave serpent fails to kill any more plague marines but the left one targets the chaos spawn and deals 3 wounds killing 1. The bikes fail to do any wounds to the spawn.

Assault phase and the bikes move back and the wraithknight fails to charge the land raider.

Chaos turn 2

From reserve both blight drones come in, one goes straight for the banshees in the trench while the other goes to the bikes. The remaining spawn go into trenches ready to charge the guardians. The remaining rhino gets to the trenches and the plague marines get out storming the trenches. Getting out of the wreckage the other plague marines move forwards. Moving on top of the objective in the middle of the table and the plague marines and typhus get out.
The girls don't like getting vomited on

Vomiting puss onto the banshees the plague drone kills all but 1 of the aspect warriors. The other drone uses phlegm on the bikes, its large blast killing 4 of the bikes. A vindicator targets a wave serpent but the shot scatter and hit the guardians in the trench, and 2 die in the explosion. The other vindicator locks on to the wave serpent but it jink out the way of the explosion. Both of the plague marines shoot at the wraithknight with plasma and melta shots but somehow only manage to do a single wound. The land raider wounds it with a lascannon reducing it to a single wound.

Assault phase and the spawn charge the wraithknight instead of the guardians, the plague marines attempt to join in but roll a double 1 and fail the charge. In the combat the wraithknight kills a single spawn and win the combat unharmed. The spawn are fearless though so the combat will only end when one unit dies.

Eldar turn 2

Again the farseer fails to cast guide on the prism. In form reserve the crimson hunter moves towards the plague drone facing the bikes.  The bikes move towards typhus, attempting to mind war him in the shooting phase. The rangers carry on their journey to the back field objective and the vehicles move a little to get their jink save.

perfect shot from the war walkers
Attempting to destroy the abomination of the sky the crimson hunter shoots at the blight drone but only gets a single glance on it. The fire prism shoots at a vindicator, and penetrates its armour, stunning it (and the tank fails its 2+ to ignore stunned results with daemonic possession). Casting his powers, the farseer attempts to get into typhus’s mind, he casts mind war but hits a plague marines instead, and he denies the witch any way. The wave serpent In the middle of my force targets the blight drone over the trenches, shooting everything in a desperate attempt to damage it but it fails to get past its armour. Unloading all their shots the war walkers manage to kill 3 plague marines. Both the vypers and other wave serpent fail to do any more damage to the marines.

Assault phase the lone banshee attempts to charge the plague marines on her own but gets shot down with over watch. The combat between the wraithknight and spawn ends with no wounds on either side.

Chaos turn 3

Typhus casts weapon virus on the guardians making all of their weapons hot. Typhus and bodyguard move towards the vypers while the damaged unit of plague marines get into the land raider where it’s safe. The drone next to bikes moves to the vypers while the other goes to the crimson hunter. The plague marines in the trench go after the bikes.

First the drone shoots its large blast on the vypers but it scatters off the table and they jink the lone autocannon shot that hits. The land raider shoots its lone lascannon at the vypers and blows off the star cannon. Again typhus casts another power, this time nurgles rot and kills off the wraithknight in the process. Typhus’s plague marines shoot at the vypers and wrecks the damaged one.  The marines close to the bikes kill a single biker, the single vindicator able to shoot targets the bikes as well but it scatters off. The drone uses its autocannon on the crimson hunter but fails to hit.

Assault phase and the plague marines attempt to charge the bikes, a lone marine dies to over watch but still make it to combat. The champion issues a challenge and the farseer foolishly accepts, he deals 2 wounds but bounces off his armour, to which he replies with a power fist to the face, killing the farseer. The biker kills a single plague marine before getting dragged to his doom. Hoping to get out of sight the plague marines consolidate a whole 1 inch, stuck in the open.

Eldar turn 3

Rolling for reserves and again the warp spiders fail to appear, obviously they know something i don't. While the other drone evaded it, the crimson hunter goes for the other drone, hoping to this time take it out. With the plague marines so close the fire prism moves back, the other vehicles move a little to get up a jink save. The rangers bolt for the objective again.

Once again the durability of the blight drone (5+ invulnerable and a 4+ feel no pain) prevents the crimson hunter from downing the chaos flier, i get a single pen through but it jinks out the way (3+ cover with shroud). Shooting from the war walkers again targets typhus and his crew, killing 2 plague marines. The vypers do the same and knock down two more of the plague carriers and the guardian filled wave serpent targets them as well knocking down 2 more reducing the squad down to just Typhus and the squad champion, the other serpent glances the side armour of the left vindicator. The guardians worried for their lives shoot at the spawn but only deal a single wound. With a dispersed beam, the fire prism kills 2 plague marines in the open next to it.

Chaos turn 4

Casting his fowl powers, Typhus casts weapon virus on the guardians and they fail to deny it. The spawn move straight to the empty wave serpent, while a vindicator turns about to face the rangers. The other vindicator faces the fire prism hoping to blow it out the sky. One drone goes into hover mode and ends up behind the fire prism, ready to destroy it. The other drone goes after the war walkers.

Roaring with its demolisher cannon, the vindicator hits the rangers who go to ground, only 2 of them die in the explosion. The snap shots from the jinked drone target the war walkers but miss with all its shots. Another roar is heard over the battle field as the second vindicator shoots, targeting the wave serpent, but the tank jinks out the way saving itself. Hovering behind the fire prism, the drone shoots into the rear armour of the wave serpent with its flamer and autocannon but the flames fail to wound and the autocannon shots are jinked. Desperate to take out the tank the plague marines next to it fire their melta guns but both shots are saved with jink. The lascannon left on the land raider targets a wave serpent but again jink saves the day. End of the shooting phase, and the rangers run for it.

Assault phase and the spawn charge both the vyper squad and the wave serpent next to it. They roll high on their attacks and manage to glance a vyper and immobilise the wave serpent, its dead next turn then. Typhus and his lone friend charge into the guardians and avoid over watch and murder the guardians without any loss.

Eldar turn 4

Finally the warp spiders come in from reserve, as its turn 4. They had no choice. I place them in between the two vindicators so I have an option at which rear to shoot, but they scatter off 12 almost off the table and land half way in a trench. That's easily dangerous terrain and I make the roll but they are all fine. I move the lone vyper to face typhus and his friend. With no real chance of targeting a drone I move the crimson hunter up to see a vindicator and hopefully save the rangers if they rally. The guardian killed wave serpent move onto of a bunker to target the hovering drone. I attempt to rally the rangers and they pass and move slightly back to the objective.

I run the warp spiders into range of the vindicator not seen by the hunter, and 16 shots into its rear make it explode! The crimson hunter does exactly the same to the other vindicator (not a bad turn so far). Both the war walkers and fire prism target the land raider in an attempt to get a 3rd victory point for heavy support but they do nothing to it. The immobilised wave serpent refuses to give up without a flight and shoots everything into the spawn assaulting it, a scatter laser, serpent shield and shuriken shots later only 1 spawn survives, with only 1 wound.

Assault phase and the wave serpent gets wrecked by the lone spawn.

Chaos turn 5

The drone on the right goes straight for the rangers while the other goes after the warp spiders. The moment is now, and the plague marines inside the land raider get out and take the middle objective, the marines in the trench do the same and claim the objective in my deployment zone. With the vyper so close typhus leaves his buddy in the trench and goes after the vyper himself.

Vomiting a large blast template the drone attempts to kill all the warp spiders but thankfully it scatters off the table and its autocannon fails to do any damage. The other drone elects to flame the rangers and kills 3 of them, I take the moral test now as no more shooting at them and they run. Using its lone lascannon, the land raider attempts to destroy a war walker but its force field works over time taking the full impact of the shot. With the fire prism so close, the marines in my deployment zone shoot melta guns into the tank but it jinks out the way (thank god for holo fields).

Assault phase and the lone spawn attempts to charge the war walkers but a scatter laser hits in over watch, twin-linking the bright lance allowing that to hit as well. The scatter fails to wound but the lance kills the spawn. Typhus charge sand explodes the vyper with ease while the plague marines charge the fire prism but fail to do any damage to it.

Eldar turn 5

With its target once again in its sight the crimson hunter moves to intercept the blight drone that attacked the rangers. Avoiding attack the fire prism moves away from the plague marines allowing the wave serpent room to come in and drop off the guardians, who in an attack formation, move towards the plague marines.

Take and hold the objective
A blade storm comes the way of the plague marines and kills 2 of the chaos worshippers, leaving 2 left. The wave serpent attempts to finish them off but can’t get past their power armour. It comes down to the fire prism who uses a small blast on them, locks on and kills them both, freeing the objective. On the right of the board the crimson hunter finally manages to do its job and wrecks (well explodes as it has to) the blight drone, only 1 left to go. Shooting into the front armour of the other blight drone the spiders manage a single glancing hit, but it’s not enough to finish it off. With the lone plague marine holding the objective in the trench the war walkers attempt to snipe him, but the shots hit the trench line.

Rolling for the end of the game... It carries on.

Chaos turn 6

Guardians run for it
The drone next to the warp spiders goes into hover mode and about turns and moves towards the guardians. Typhus casts weapon virus on the war walkers and the land raider moves back to the objective in the trench encase the lone guy isn’t enough to hold it.

Again shooting its lone lascannon at the war walkers, this time it immobilises one, which then gets wrecked by shots from the plague marines. The drone shoots at the guardians and the large blast kills 3, they run straight off the objective.

Eldar turn 6

The game is speeding up now we are so depleted and I need all my troops. But the guardians carry on running almost off the table. As its big guns never tire the fire prism moves onto the back objective which has been so sorely contested, the crimson hunter swoops around to target the land raider and the lone war walker move towards the middle objective. Unsure what to do I move the warp spiders back to guarantee line breaker.

Again the fire prism fails to do any damage to the land raider, I am about to shoot the hunter at the land raider when I notice it can see the lone plague marine so target him instead, but once more the trench proves to be a bigger problem to me than it ever did for the chaos. The war walker in just in range of contesting the middle objective if he can run 6 inches, so he shoots at the marines holding it first (does no damage) and runs, but only gets a 4 with fleet.

So does the game end here?

Chaos turn 7

Last turn and the land raider holds the trench objective, the drone goes back to finish the spiders and the plague marines attempt to finish the war walker before it’s a problem.

The drone uses its large blast on the warp spiders and 6 die, I was tempted to go to ground but decide against it. They hold. Combining fire the land raider and marines get a glance each and wreck the war walker. All hope seam lost for the eldar.

Eldar turn 7

The crimson hunter can just about get into a position to target the land raider and the warp spiders get a good warp jump moving straight for the middle objective, maybe they can disrupt it instead. Showing bravery beyond measure, the guardians run off the table. And with no unit to transport the wave serpent jumps over the bunker and gets into a position to shoot the lone plague marine.

Unloading everything the wave serpent manages to kill off the lone plague marine, now just to move off the land raider. Running the warp spiders, just about get into disruption range of the middle objective. Now the important one, can the crimson hunter get the land raider off the objective as well? All its shots hit, 2 penetrating hits with the lances, and a 5 is rolled. +1 for ap 2 and the land raider explodes!!!!

End of game

Eldar: 7 (1 objective, 3 heavy support slots, First blood) – Chaos: 4 (Line breaker, slay the warlord, 2 heavy support slots)

That was close.


How close was that game? If my last turn hasn’t gone perfectly I would have lost. In the last turn I look away 6 points from the chaos player (2 objectives) and gained an extra point (the land raider). So if it has ended turn 6 it would have been 10 – 6 chaos. Wow what a swing. I got lucky there, no doubt about it.

I had never faced blight drones until this game, and while I had read their rules I was surprised how good they were in the game. They might only have 2 hull points but they are so damn resilient and for 150 points they are a steal.

Did this game highlight any learning points?
·         Banshees: I don’t know what I am doing with this unit, granted getting flamed was a bad idea but sometimes you can’t change that. Instead of having them going alone I might have them more centrally positioned next game, so they are more of a counter attack unit. We will see how that does.
·         Bikes: The unit of 6 seams a lot less effective at the moment compared to the 2 units of 3. Maybe I need a full unit of bikes to make them a daunting unit. What experience have you guys had with bikes?
·         Rangers: maybe I should just out flank them each game to try and snag a little line breaker or back objective. Running across the table is harder to do but Is less random, as I could roll the wrong table edge without flank. Hard choice, it’s probably better to out flank with hammer and anvil deployment.

Well that was a very close game. Very enjoyable and the table was a nice change of pace, forcing you to think about what you are doing.


  1. Really enjoyed reading up on your battlereport. Great to see two armies that aren't just some more net-lists.

  2. Fully agree with Lead Legion. Great batreps, keep it up.

    Think it was a really good move of yours to play the Wraithknight that agressively. Many people keep their trophy units out of harms way too long. In the end it got killed but it forced the Guard to basically spend a turn dealing with it.

    Not sure on the Banshees though, especially vs. Death Guard.

  3. I really enjoyed this Batrep. Both lists were good without being Spamtastic. Looking forward to the next one

  4. I really enjoyed this batrep, and seen eldar trying to stand toe to toe with chaos DG ( w/no wraithlords ) is a great sight to see. Never the less I love when Blood Angels and Eldar try that, is always fun.