Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Council of War Army lists

With Council of War fast approaching I thought I would show you all what I have finally decided on taking. I followed the advice you all gave me for the 1500 point list and dropped the one I tested out for something a little more conventional. But council of war isn’t just a bunch of 1500 point games, oh no, read on to find out more.

Council of War is a team based event, teams play in 4 different games. Each team will play in a 1500 point game vs two other teams (not at the same time), so that's two 1500 point games where you are on your own facing off against a member of another team. Then you buddy up with another team member and play in a 1500 point battle brother game. You have 1 combined arms detachment and an allied detachment as far as I am aware. I will be joining up with an Iyanden force in a rather wraith heavy list (more on that later). Those 3 games are all day 1, day 2 is then a big game, 8k a side, all 4 players on each side. So that will be rather fun (I hope).

The team I am entering with consists of myself (codex Eldar), Iyanden, Tau and Maynark Necrons. Two eldar lists, Tau and a forgeworld necron army. I think the team should do ok as none of the armies are exactly weak. There was talk about taking daemons but we didn’t want to just spam summoning daemons.

Anyway onto my lists, as was recommended I dropped my other list as it didn’t really do much so I have decided on the following:

Eldar 1498

Spiritseer – 70 w/ Dire Avengers (Warlord)
[Runes of battle]

Warlock – 35 w/ Guardians
[Runes of Battle]

10 Dire Avengers – 130
Wave Serpent – 135
Holo field, twin-linked scatter laser

10 Guardians – 110
Scatter laser
Wave Serpent – 135
Holo field, twin-linked scatter laser

5 Fire Dragons - 110
Wave Serpent – 135
Holo field, twin-linked scatter laser

7 Warp spiders – 133

Fire Prism – 125

WraithKnight – 240
Heavy wraith cannons

2 War Walkers – 140
4x Bright lance

I know this list isn’t exactly normal (bar the use of wave serpents) but I have a reason for some of my choices. When I go Eldar I always seem to be very light on anti-tank, that is why I have the war walkers with lances instead of scatter lasers. My thinking is that with 3 wave serpents, warp spiders and potentially a large blast from the fire prism if I need to take on hordes I should have enough anti-infantry at my disposal. The dire avengers and guardians can also jump out and add a few shots.

The psychic powers are another thing I can see people saying is an issue. Runes of battle isn’t exactly the sexy thing at the moment but I think with the duality of the powers they will be useful regardless of what I roll. I could go telepathy and try and get invisibility, but I probably won’t get it. The rest of the powers are lack lustre so I would rather have 2 + primaris from Battle. If I get lucky and get protect/jinx and embolden/horrify I can do a real number on any none fearless army. Even taking a 2+ save to 3+ is a massive change, and -3 leadership on any unit has a chance of making it run. The rest of the powers are great in the right situation as well, so that's what I have done what I have.

If you think you can change my mind please be vocal, you might be right, I would love to hear your suggestions.

For the doubles Game my team mate and myself are going for a wraith heavy list, hoping that having so much high toughness across the table it will mean most of it survives, but we shall see. He is taking the primary detachment and I will be the ally. The list will be something along these lines:



10 Wraithblades

10 Guardians

Wraithknight (warlord)
Suncannon, scatter laser

Scatter laser, bright lance

Dem-Kirath Allies


5 Dire Avengers
Wave serpent
Twin-linked scatter laser

Heavy wraithcannons

If this list comes across a dark eldar list we are in trouble as they will just poison us and its game over. If we come across a flier heavy force me might struggle as well. But if we come across a balanced force or one with little anti-tank we can do a real number on them. The Farseer and spiritseer will go with the wraithblades making a very resistant unit especially if we get fortune or protect. Many things can go wrong here but it’s just a bit of fun, lets just see how it goes.

In the Big game we have agreed that if we each take 2k it should be simple enough (bar hte tau, he only has 1500 painted up so Iyanden will be getting those extra points). I don’t really want to take too much with me, as travelling to Nottingham in the car limits space, I am using the majority of my 1500 point list and bolting on some extra units. Mainly the Lynx as now strength D has been toned down I feel its the right time to use it. So my 2k list as it stands is:

Dem-Kirath 1992

Spiritseer – 70 w/ dire avengers

Warlock – 35 w/ gaurdians

10 Dire Avengers – 130
Wave Serpent – 135
Holo field, twin-linked scatter laser

10 Guardians – 110
Scatter laser
Wave Serpent – 135
Holo field, twin-linked scatter laser

5 Fire Dragons – 110
Wave Serpent – 135
Holo field, twin-linked scatter laser

8 Warp spiders – 152

Fire Prism – 140
Holo field

Wraithknight – 240
Heavy wraith cannons

Lynx – 420

Crimson Hunter – 180

As the Necrons will be using 2 fliers I have added mine as to hopefully help with the anti-air, we have a lot of twin-linked Tau broadsides with us so they can help with that roll as well. The Iyanden team member has a Revenant Titan which is getting used, maybe it’s over kill but we don’t get to use it very often (and it’s nice not being pointed as us!). Other than that I am expecting a lot of wraithguard/lords and necron vehicles. I can’t exactly say how competitive we are when it gets to 8K I’m sure it all goes out the window. What I would love to face would be a full knight house with warhoud titan support. IT would probably kill us but it would be beautiful to face.

What do you guys think? Will we do ok?

As a slight aside I want to go over why I haven’t been posting Painting Challenged this month or last, its down to this event needing a fully painted force. I have spent every spare second painting and I have ended up painting a lot more than I expected as I kept changing my mind. But it does mean I have more units painted than before, which is what it’s all about.

I will be starting the challenge again in July but probably focusing on the Terrain side of things as now I have a painted force; it needs a great battle field to face off on. For now this is my Spritseer, who I am very proud of, I know it’s not much but I’m really happy with him.

Hope you Enjoyed.  

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  1. looking good.
    Was talking with a guy in chelmsford GW at the weekend, he's currently painting up 5 knights for his 2k. My understanding from him was that the doubles game was a simple 750pts each, It's interesting to see that there is more flexibility in the forces for both that and the 8k game.