Tuesday, 11 February 2014

An Overdue Project: Colossal Squig

A fair time ago i was gifted with a colossal squig from forgeworld, i sprayed it red then just left it alone for probably a year and a half (if not longer). It was my first test for liquid green stuff and it turned out ok. Well over the last few days i finally decided to paint it. And here he is in all his glory!

I didn't have any real play when painting this guy, i just knew i wanted him red like a true squig. After spraying him red i washed it with badab black and when it dried i regretted it straight away. It doesn't look so bad now but at the time it was terrible. It took a lot of different dry brushes to get it to a reasonable red colour while still keeping the dark recesses, and I probably went a little too far. I even put an orange streak down his back to give him a little bit of variation. i like how it looks now but it was so horribly stark at first, i had to wash it with Baal red twice before it looked ok.

Unfortunately I painted it the lower jaw separately from the rest of the squig meaning that i was left with a gap on both sides where the jaws met. Looking at it now i probably could have glued it on and green stuffed it before i painted it now, but at the time i though it would be too hard to get to the detail inside his mouth. But its a small sacrifice i had to make and its not terrible. 

You can just about see it here, i painted the souls of his feet brown, running round outside and in caves does't generally leave you with clean feet, its just a little thing but i think it does add a little something to the model. I do have one question for you all though, on the picture below, around his head are what i can only describe as boils? maybe tiny horns? i don't know. I researched how other people have painted them and some have painted it as warp stone, as an excuse as to how he got so big, others as horns, but forgeworld flat out ignored them. Well i wasn't sure so i went with ignore them, my excuse is forgeworld knows best (but they probably don't).

What do you all think?


  1. looking really good. I always find that brown washes work better on red but you've definitely recovered well and should be proud. Now you just need to get him on the table and get some picks of it munching some Empire Troopers or something. Looking forward to it.

  2. That is really good! I wouldn't worry about any criticisms were I you sir, that model would make a respectable center piece to any Orc horde.