Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Testing out Kill Team

It has been out for quite a while from digital downloads but I thought I would get it and see what all the fuss was about. For those of you who don’t know, kill Team is a small skirmish type variant of 40k, with both players using a force of 200 points where every model works on its own.

The force you can use is limited, you can only select from troops, fast attack and elites and even then it is very restricted. You are allowed a single vehicle but it can only add up to 33 armour and even then it’s a dangerous thing as it takes up a large chunk of your points. No 2+ saves and no model with more than 3 wounds. Really to me it looks like a hash up of 40K in 40 minutes from white dwarf about 8 years ago? Damn I feel old now I think about it.

Space marines battle corrupted Imperial Guard

Still you select a model to be your leader and he gets a mini warlord trait which is actually really useful, and 3 other models can be called ‘specialists’ which allows them to take a single skill from a category, no category can be taken twice so no guys are similar. The skill lists are meant to represent close combat specialist, weapon specialist, dirty fighting, indomitable fighters and guerilla warfare. It sounds like it’s quite flexible but strongly enough I don’t believe it was as well done as it could have been. Some of the skills over lap a lot for no reason, an example is in weapon specialist you can have poison (4+), fleshbane and shred. Why? If you have a high strength weapon shred and poison do the same job (re-rolls to wound) at low strength weapons you will always take fleshbane. So what’s the point of poison? Ultimately some things are always going to be better than others, the more choice you get, the more useless options you end up not using. If you have a heavy weapon you will give that guy relentless, why would you not? If you have a plasma gun you might as well give the guy preferred enemy ro counter both over heats and fails to wound. No model Is allowed to have more than 3 wounds, be heavy support or hq, so why would you ever need monster hunter? I can’t think of a single monstrous creature which doesn’t fall into one of those categories.  

Renegade Strong point

The combat Gets bloody
It has its own missions, which actually are really fun to play and varied. I played 2 games, eldar vs Imperial fists, and imperial guard vs imperial fists. Both games had different missions and both were great fun. In the imperial guard vs Marines game, the mission was called head hunt, you score points for killing specialists and the leader, a great way to force you to be careful with you assets. In the Eldar game, we rolled Infiltrate the camp, where you have an attacker and defender. The attacker has to push past the defender and get off the table, the defender just has to prevent this. Both changed the game massively and made for real nail biting games.

It does introduce a few new rules to the game, if you start taking heavy losses your warband can start to bottle it and flee the battle (a great issue for my imperial guard) and limit some racial special rules like necron reanimation. The thing is though it doesn’t really address some rules that already exist in 40k which can get complicated when it goes down to single models.

Eldar clash with Imperial Fist Space Marines
 Regardless it was a very fun game and I would suggest you all at least try to have a game with the rules, we used a lot of terrain as we thought it would make the game more dynamic and it really did. If you guys would like to hear more about kill team games comment and let me know, for now all I have are the pics from my games and would be willing to look into it a bit more.

Marines vs Imperial Guard

What do you guys think of Kill Team? 


  1. Always interested in battle reports. Also if you can get hold of 4th ed kill team they had rules for brute squads with a boss. SO a specialist kill team can rock up vs a whole bunch of mooks more like in films.

  2. My local club has house ruled the break test rule to be you just flee the same as in 40k and not just instant death. I find it helps the game.

  3. and I find the more terrain the better... I mean like a lot.