Saturday 24 March 2012

Holding against the green tide... Orks vs Blood angels: When angels fall

This week we decided to go against the grain and instead of having a regular game of 40k, or using an expansion (we will in the future) we decided to use our own scenario: When angels fall. So this is the first real test of the home made scenario, meaning chances are it’s not perfectly balanced yet. So this is a battle report between overwhelming Orks and Blood angels, fighting to the last man.

Well first of all we used this scenario that I made up, as some one a few weeks ago said, wouldn’t a last stand scenario be cool. Well after tinkering about and showing it off to the whole 10 people that looked at it on the blog we decided to try it out. So here is the list of the Blood angel defenders trying to hold out as long as possible:

Reclusiarch – 160 w/ assault marine combat squad
Terminator armour

Honour guard – 115

Razorback - 55

10 Tactical marines – 183 (combat squaded)
Heavy bolter, flamer, storm bolter

10 Scouts – 150
Heavy bolter, 2 x shotguns

10 Assault marines – 225 (combat squaded)
Flamer, power sword,

Rhino – 0

Sternguard – 125

Sanguinary Priest – 85
Terminator armour, power sword

Devastator squad 1 – 145
Lascannon, 3 missile launcher

Devastator squad 2 – 140
2x plasma cannon, 2 x missile launcher

Dreadnaught – 120
2 x autocannon

Quite a sturdy defence force being presented here, a lot of heavy weapons, and a few counter attacking units. Even a unit of scouts, a possible infiltrating squad to hold me up for a turn or two. I wasn’t sure what i would be against, and this could be a problem. Well if nothing else this will be an interesting force to try to destroy. Next up we have my first wave of orks, these boyz should hopefully do some damage and leave what ever other units i get to arrive unmolested.

Big Mek – 85
Kustom force field

Warboss – 100
Mega armour

19 shoota boyz – 149
Nob, Power Klaw

30 Ard Boyz – 335
Nob, Klaw

12 Boyz -112
Nob, Klaw, boss poll

Trukk – 45
Armour plates

3 Mega Nobz – 120

Trukk – 45
Armour plates

11 Kommandos – 123
Nob, Big choppa

3 DeffKoptas – 135

Looted wagon – 120
Boom gun, big shoota, ard case

Battle Wagon – 130
Death rolla, grot riggers, big shoota, armour plates

As I will likely get waves upon waves of boyz from turn two onwards I decided some trukks full of boyz and ard boyz would be a good base to distract fire away from the rest of the army. Also it would help me get to grips with him quickly as I only have a small number of turns to kill him before it turns into a draw (or even worse) and victory to him. While this is a fun game I don’t just want to roll over and die.

Set up started with the marines deploying along there defensive line, preparing for the wave of orks that will shortly appear on the board.

Turn 1
The orks start their assault on the marines, with the trucks, battle wagon and deff koptas going as fast as they can towards the defenders.
The blood angels have little response so early on but a few long range shots from the dreadnought and devastator squads take out two of the deff koptas.

Turn 2
A new mob of boyz in a trukk rumble onto the table towards the defenders following the last turns horde. The Kommando mob, held in reserve, arrives on the right flank just outside the defenders lines (we decided it was best that they can’t start from behind the defensive line) and move towards the scouts. They charge the scouts wiping out the unite taking no losses in return.

With an over run the commandos move over the wall to challenge the next marines along the line.

In response to the sudden appearance of the Kommandos the honour guard and razorback move to engage the new threat, shoot and kill a handful of kommandos. The devastator 2 opens up on the trukk on the left making it explode killing two boyz in the process. Seeing an opening, the tactical squad, Chaplin and sanguinary priest shoot at the newly disembarked boyz killing 6 of them. The sternguard kill the final deff kopta. The dreadnought then targets the looted tank before it can do any damage to the marines, getting a penetrating hit, wrecking it.

The honour guard then charge into the kommandos killing them in the assault taking no casualties. With a massacre roll then reform back into their original position.

Turn 3
A weird boy leading a mob of 30 gretchin stomp onto the table this turn while the rest of the army move full pace towards the marines, closing in as fast as possible.

The assault marines get out of the rhino and move towards the line to bolster the defences. On the other side on the table the honour guard do the same.
The tactical marine’s fire at the marines killing 1, the devastators shake the Battle wagon with a single glancing hit. The other devastator marines target the ard boyz on the hill with blast weapons, getting 21 hits but only 7 kills. The stern guard then aim at the closest trukk managing a shaken result. The dreadnought immobilizes the trukk and blowing off the big shoota. The razor back then kills two ard boyz with a long range shot.

Turn 4
Following the horde, on drives an ork filled trukk while two units of kommandos, one on each side of the board flank the marines.  With the army running up as far as possible the kommandos each shoot at their targets, tactical marines on the left, killing 1, and devastators on the right, failing ot kill any. Both units declare charges but only the kommandos on the left make it over the wall and charge the tactical marines. 3 kommandos die to the tactical marines killing one in return but stay thanks to an insane courage roll.

The marines hurry to counter the sudden appearance of two mobs of kommandos with the assault marines attempting to support their tactical brethren. Shooting and both devastator squads aim at the battle wagon, with one squad having a side view. After a lot of hit and a few cover saves thanks to the mek, only 1 pen gets though, immobilising the wagon. The honour guard pistol down 2 kommandos before charging them. The sternguard take out two of the ard boys with some long range shots. The other units not left in combat target and kill a hand full of dismounted boyz. Combat and the assault marines kill 3 kommandos in an effort to save them from their green assailants. With no wounds back the marines dominate the combat forcing the orks to run and cut them down. Massacre rolls allow the marines to fall back into the defensive line. The honour guard have a repeat performance killing the orks in one turn and running back to the battle line.

Turn 5
Reinforcements this turn arrive in the shape of 3 trakks, boyz in a trukk with a nob, yet more kommandos (honestly, these boys shouldn’t be coming out this often, only one roll lets you get them!) and another weird boy. The kommandos appear on the right once again, apparently just to piss off the honour guard. The army once again moves up, this time close enough to possibly threaten in a turn or two. One unit of trukk boyz drives up close to the tactical marines and jump out, close enough to charge this turn. The grot riggers manage to fix the battle wagon while the boyz shoot over the side and manage to kill the sergeant in the devastator squad 2. The ard boys decide to shoot at the same dev squad instead of running and from the few pistols in range, 1 marine goes down.
The kommandos on the right from the previous turn charge the remaining devs but lose three boys to the marines and deal no damage in return, but manage to hold. The trucks boys charge the tactical marines losing all the normal boyz. The nob then shows why he’s the boss... killing 1. Drawn combat.

As pandemonium brakes out across the blood angel lines the honour guard do what they do best, move to attack the unengaged kommando mob. The scouts run to aid the devastators in combat, combat knives in hand. With little else the devs shoot at the side of the battle wagon again but bounce of the kustom force field, followed by the dread which fails to penetrate the armour. The half, tactical squad in-between the dev squads fire at the ard boyz managing to kill a few.    
The assault marins on the left counter attack the single nob managing to drag him down before he can kill any more marines. The honour guard this time fail to wipe out their kommando squad in one turn but deal 6 wounds with no loss making the orks flee and get cut down. In an heroic attempt to save the devastator squad the scouts kill 3 kommandos while the devs kill the final boy. All the marines then consolidate back behind the line bar the scouts, who are determined not to let any more orks get past.

Turn 6
One again kommandos appear on the enemies flank while bikes, trakks, deff koptas and nobs in a trakk rumble onto the field as 30 grots run behind them. How i keep getting armoured units i just don’t know. A trukk full of boyz, a trukk full of mega nobz backed up with a warboss in mega armour both jump out and are ready to challenge the marines. The battle wagon with its deathrolla tank shocks a devastator squad but fails to do any real damage to them.

The ard boys shoot at the tactical squad in the middle of the defences and kill one marine while kommandos shoot at the scout to no avail. One trukk opens fire on the stern guard and manage to kill one.
The meganobs charge the sternguard taking one wound from then but manage to wipe out the whole squad over running past the battle line. The Ard boyz charge the tactical marines killing every marine under and avalanche of attacks taking no losses. Trukk boys charge the scouts killing 4 but the marines hold.

With breaches all over the line the marines get desperate, throwing what ever they have at the green invaders. The assault marines charge the mega nobz while the devastators shoot at the battle wagon. Three penetrating hits get though the side armour of the wagon but all are saved once more by the field. The dreadnought got a little luckier, managing to blow off the big shoota from the wagon. The plasma devs however manage to make an astonishing impact on the game shooting at the ard boyz, with 14 hits alone from the plasma the ard boyz get evaporated from the table. The honour guard pepper kommandos with their pistols but manage to kill one.

Keeping up their assault the honour guard charge the kommandos one again showing why they are the veteran marines, killing them on the charge. The scouts however do nothing but take no wounds keeping a drawn combat. The assault marines charge the meganobz as do the Chaplin and sanguinary priest with their assault squad. From the various power weapon attacks the nobz fall but the warboss stands alone, defying the marines. He takes a wound for his trouble but deals out 3, he holds.

Turn 7
We cant be bothered rolling for orks any more, i have practically ran out of models and we didn’t feel right proxying so we left it for now. I should have more than enough orks to kill the marines. With every one advancing towards the broken battle line i see that i have a chance to pull out a draw, as i have missed my chance for an ork victory now. The battle wagon tank shocks the devs again only moving 6 inches; the devs take no damage though managing to save the wounds from the deffrolla. The shoota boyz on the back unload a storm of lead on the honour guard managing to kill the sergeant. Additional help from the bikes and trakks take down a further 3 of the honour guard, drastically reducing the threat posed by them. About time too after the amount of orks i have thrown at them.

In combat the warboss laughs at the marines as he murders two of them taking no wounds in return. Not even the Chaplin can land a blow on the green monster. In the scout combat the Nob cuts the last of them in half with his power klaw, reducing the marine presence on the board dramatically.

After such a dire turn the marines need to kill some orks if they want to survive. The devastator marines shoot at the battle wagon but once again the force field saves the wagon from destruction. The dreadnought opens up its twin autocannons on a distant trukk managing to wreck it but not killing any orks in the process.

In combat the desperate struggle between the assault marines and ork warboss the Chaplin fails to wound the warboss once again as do the other power weapons in the squad. For such failure the warboss again execrates two more marines.

Turn 8
Revving its engines the battle wagon rams the dreadnought, only moving a few inches to do it no damage with its bulk, however the deffrolla manages to get two penetrating hits immobilising and wrecking one of the autocannons. The rest of the orks move forward in the movement phase. In the shooting the bikes and trakks combine fire again to take down 2 devastators.
In combat the warboss finally falls to the marines, but not to the power weapons but just to the basic assault marines. Love rolling 1’s for armour saves. A mob of trukk boys charges the honour guard and the few remaining devastators. The marines miss their attacks and fall to the regular attacks of boyz and nob.

With little to no marines left they are getting desperate as its not yet a marine victory. The dreadnought opens up the shooting phase targeting the deff koptas downing one. In combat a few boyz get killed by marines.

Turn 9
Something happens... my notes really don’t help me. Some orks die, a razorback gets wrecked and some boyz do a wound to the Chaplin.

Unfortunately it was getting very late now, and we had to call the game due to time. The game was really fun and I would like to try this scenario again, possibly with tyranids. I’m sorry the right up for this wasn’t as good as it should have been but it was difficult to get all the detail needed. The rest of my reports will be back to normal next week, I hope you enjoyed it.