Wednesday 29 May 2013

Wraithguard finished

Finally i have finished the Wraithguard, and just before the new Eldar codex as it turn out. Took me long enough. So whats next on my painting desk? Not 100% sure yet, but probably the colossal squig, that really does need finishing. After that back to Eldar with some of the new kits.

 Wish me luck

Community Support

Across the years of doing this i have frequently requested community support from various people, many of who i didn't know in order to try and get my blog a little better know. Well its about time i helped other people out.

A friend of mine has started up a new blog so i am attempting to support him by telling all you wonderful people to please visit it. If your free of course.

Right now hes focusing on his Ork army hes attempting to get ready for throne of skulls in the future.

If any one else would like a little shout out drop me a comment and if i get enough people i might make it a regular thing.