Tuesday 11 March 2014

New Hydra tank?

I should have put this with the new model of Horus but it appears that we also will get getting a plastic Hydra tank for the new imperial guard (or astra milliblah blah) and i quite like it. I'm a little confused why it appears to be open topped but what ever. The model looks nice i will probably end up buying one some day.

Horus model

I didnt think he was released yet so thought you might like to have a sneak peek. I just stumbled onto this pic. He does look badass. So a warmaster should.

Expanding the Swarm

As promised, these are the models that I received from one of my favourite followers and fellow blogger. It’s practically a tyranids army in itself and will make a great addition to my current swarm. While I am busy currently on current projects I will defiantly be looking forward to these guys when I start them.