Thursday 22 September 2011

So it begins

To kick off my first post i'm just going to expand upon what this blog with possibly become (can't promise anything though as i'm lazy and might just forget about it). First and foremost this is going to be about Warhammer, mainly Orcs and Goblins but other races might appear from time to time, who knows maybe even some 40K. Now i know there are a lot of things like this floating about the internet and i'm not going to say mine is any different but i just want to get my ideas out there if any body wants to listen. I'm by no means a great player, or even a good player, and the circle of friends i play with aren't exactly the most competitive so if you are that was inclined you will probably be laughing at us. Maybe so, but i wish to improve my game, possibly find and join in a tournament once in a while (if i can find any in the northwest of England) and see what i can do. I like Fantasy and hope by putting my ideas on a screen i can (or anyone else out there) see what the hell i'm doing wrong. which is probably a lot. We shall see. Not much of an interesting first post i agree but i just though i would do it. Later today/this week i will put up a pic of my new forest goblin command that i have converted for people to see, it isn't much but if any one reads this and could comment on how to improve my paining that would be great. But that's it for now. If you read this please come back soon to see if i have done much else. 

Enjoy, Malduran.