Friday 6 January 2017

Triumph and Treachery: Stormcast vs Khorne vs Moonclan 2k

When an Artefact of power is discovered in the mortal realms it often can draw unwanted attention. In this case three Generals have been dispatched to capture the Relic and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Three forces, each from a difference Grand Alliance, have come into conflict and only the smartest will prevail. This is a 3 way game, each army is 2000 points in this Triumph and Treachery game.    


As this is my first battle report for a very long time I decided to organise a fully painted game with a friend, but then it turned into a 3 way battle, which was even better for a first battle report. With the restraint that we had to use painted models, it limited what I could use so I just went with a force I took to the warlords event at Warhammer world in 2016, which is exactly what my two friends did as well (because we never paint unless we have a deadline apparently).

With a 3 way game, we looked over the generals handbook missions and decided on the Triumph and Treachery battleplan: Artefact of Ultimate power. This means we have an objective in the centre of the table our General can pick up, and you win a major victory if your general holds it; or a minor victory if you have the most models within 6 inches if it’s on the floor. Deployment is unique, we have 6 deployment zones to pick from which could cause someone to get stuck in the middle of the other two players.

Deployment rules for the mission are designed for smaller games we felt so altered the mission slightly. Normally you only have 3 units on the table to start then can bring 1 in each turn within 6 inches of the edge and that’s there move. We wanted to ramp it up so had all 3 battleline units on the table plus the general to start. Then we split what we had left in reserve into two, and each was allowed onto the table from turn 2 and 3 respectively. Also as we needed to get to the centre, we altered the deployment for the reserves, we just put them on the table edge then moved them so they could run if they wished.

Pre Deployment.


We have 3 armies taking part in this game, representing Order, Chaos and destruction. We made our armies using the pitched battle points system in the general’s handbook, and we had 2000 points each to create our armies.

Stormcast Shining host


Lord Celestant on Dracoth – 220
General: Reckless, Artefact: quicksilver potion, Hammer

Knight Vexillor – 200
Pendent of the Stormbringer

Lord Castellant – 100
Lord Relictor – 80
Knight Heraldor – 120


10 Liberators – 200
10 Liberators – 200
5 Judicators – 160


5 Protectors – 200
4 Fulminators – 480

Total: 1960

Khorne’s Skull hunters


Valkia the Bloody – 120

Bloodthrister of Insensate Rage – 280
Artefact: Chaos runeblade (+1 attack)

Scyla Anfinngrim – 100
Bloodstoker – 80
Bloodsecrator – 120

16 Chaos Warriors – 360
16 Blood letters – 200
10 Blood warriors – 200


8 Flesh hounds – 200
5 Skullreapers – 140
War shrine

Total: 2000

Great Squig Moonclan


Grot Warboss – 80
General: Bellowing tyrant, Artefact: Talisman of Protection, Giant squig and moon prodder

Moonclan Grot Shaman – 60
Moonclan Grot Shaman – 60


60 Moonclan grots – 360 (yellow shields)
7 nets, spear and shield

20 Moonclan grots – 120 (silver shields)
2 nets, spear and shield

20 Moonclan grots – 120


20 cave squigs – 240
Squig herders – 20
Fanatic – 30
Fanatic – 30
Fanatic – 30
Fanatic – 30
Fanatic – 30
(3 fanatics go in the large mob, 1 on each other unit of moonclan)


Colossal squig – 300
Mangler squig – 240


Spear chukka – 120
Spear chukka – 120

Total: 1990

Deployment for this game revolved around 6 points, one in each corner and 2 in the middle of the long table edges. Rolling off, whoever rolled highest had to pick where to deploy first… and I “won” that honour. So not sure what to do I picked a corner deployment zone and crammed all of my goblins in as I thought I didn’t want to set up in the middle and then get an enemy on each flank. Chaos then deployed second and went on the opposite side of the table of me. The stormcast decided I was less of a threat (probably right) and set up next to me, away from the chaos forces.

The Battlefield after Deployment.

Battle report

Turn 1

Moonclan Priority

With nothing to really do turn 1, I give my large unit of grots inspiring presence and bellow at them for +1 to hit (because I can) in the hero phase.

Movement phase and I just run the big unit towards the centre of the table while the bows and small spear unit move to block any advance from the stormcast if they decide to attack me.

Stormcast turn

With an inspiring speech and a wave of his hammer the Lord-Celestant allows all stormcast to ignore battleshock within 24 inches. He needs to die.

Both liberator squads run towards the relic while the Judicators and lord-celestant move into the woods able to see the moonclan units.

The first shots of the game and both the lord-celestant’s dracoth and Judicators target the moonclan. The dracoth kills 2 of the smaller spear unit (silver shields), and the judicators kill 2 bows.

Battle shock, and one extra bow grot runs for it.

Khorne turn

Valkia inspires the warriors.

The chaos horde all advance on the relic.

Turn 2

Stormcast Priority

Again the Lord-celestant ignores battleshock.

Movement phase and it appears the stormcast are afraid of the moonclan as his General moves towards them while the liberators move towards the chaos lines. In from reserve the Fulminators move to join his general and try to kill some goblins while the Knight-Heraldor moves to support the liberators as does the lord-Castellant.

Spitting lighting, the Generals dracoth kills 2 yellow shields while the Fulminators shoot and kill 6 silver shields. Added fire from the judicators kills of 4 more silver shields.

Charge phase and the fanatic from the silver shield and bow unit both appear and I charge 1 into the Fulminators and the other into his Lord-Celestant. It’s a little odd but I don’t want him charging the yellow shields if he rolls high enough. He uses his Quicksilver potion straight away so his general can kill the fanatic attacking him, and the fulminators kill off their attacker before he even gets to swing his ball and chain.

The Fanatics Balls all up in the Stormcast face.

Battleshock, the silver shields have lost 10 guys this round, with bravery 6 at the moment thanks to a flag. So I roll a 6 and the remaining guys run off the table.

Moonclan turn

I get a bit over confident here, the Warboss give the yellow shields +1 to hit and stab ‘em good (6’s to wound cause double damage).

The yellow shields move towards the Fulminators and his General ready to swarm them. My warboss runs into the woods. From reserve the grots drag up 2 bolt throwers to shoot his general (proper grot kunning) and the mangler squig come in to support the warboss and a shaman joins behind the yellow shields.

Aiming at the ‘ummie with the big hat, both bolt throwers shoot at the Lord-Celestant and get 4 shots on him, he passes 2 saves and only takes 4 wounds (damn it). The bows try to finish him off but can’t get past his armour.

Combat and the yellow shields charge into the Fulminators and Lord-Celestant. I make sure the netters get where they need to be so everything is at -1 to hit me. I go first and fail to do anything to the stormcast general, but the unit deals 12 double damage wounds to the fulminators and 4 regular wounds… however they have a 3+ save re-rolling 1’s and I only manage to sneak 6 wounds though, killing a single fulminator. Attacks back from both units stormcast don’t do much, but the dracoths… oh the dracoths… they get a lot of 6’s to wound and end up killing 20 grots!

Battle shock and 16 more grots run, but I still have over 20 models left in the unit.

The Moonclan after loads of the grots run.

Khorne turn

Again Valkia inspires the warriors.

Chaos again still don’t have much to do but keep on trudging forwards, but this turn they are joined by the Warshrine, bloodstoker, bloodsecrator and the skullreapers.

The charge phase, and before anything happens I deploy my 3 fanatics from the yellow shields and they all charge the Lord-celestant. The combat phase is odd in 3 player games, the persons who’s turn it is gets to pick which player gets to go after them. As no chaos unit is in combat he selects the moonclan to go next. I pick the yellow shields to go first and they do nothing, they just couldn’t get past the stormcast armour. He strikes next with his Lord-celestant and manages to kill off 2 fanatics by splitting his attacks. The fanatic only gets 1 attack and lands it, getting though the lords armour and dealing 2 wounds, leaving him on 1. The fulminators get tangled up in the nets and only manage to kill 3 more grots.   

 Battleshock and the grots hold their ground; they think they have the advantage now.

Turn 3

Khorne Priority

Again the warriors are inspired, and the war shrine gives them re-rolls to hit. The stoker whips the bloodsecrator into a furry.

The majority of his army runs to the objective while the bloodthirster, scyla and the flesh hounds join the battle field. Still not much for the khorne force to do.

Combat and the grots get to go first again, this time I select the fanatic and he swings properly getting 3 hits and kills off the Lord-Castelant. The Fulminators attack the yellow shields, and only kill off 4 thanks to the nets. Grots attack back and slip 2 wounds past their armour leaving one on 2 wounds.

Battleshock and the grots hold their ground.

A very daunting Army approaches.

Stormcast turn

Hero phase and the knight-heraldor lets the Fulminators retreat and charge in the same turn. Using his lantern, the Castellant aids the liberators closest to the chaos force.

In from reserve, the protectors, lord-Relictor and knight-Velixor, join the battle. The Fulminators retreat from the yellow shields as the chaos force is now far too powerful to be ignored. Possibly starting an uneasy alliance between order and destruction? Forming a shield wall the liberators move towards the chaos line ready to push forward later.

The battlefield goes silent after the Heraldor blasts his trumpet, and the rocky outcrop next to the chaos warriors collapses onto them, 1 warrior dies, the skull reapers take 2 wounds, the bloodstoker takes 2 wounds and the warshine takes 1 from all the flying debris. The Judicators targeted the last fanatic and kill him… so much for an alliance.

Moonclan turn

The yellow shields are inspired and I give the mangler +1 to hit.

As I don’t trust the stormcast, the yellow shields form a wall between my warboss and his Fulminators. The bows do the same, and the mangler squig runs over to the other woods ready to flank the chaos force if I need to. In from reserve the colossal and squig herd come in and the last of the shamans. The spear chukkas run ready to get into position next turn.

In the combat phase the colossal squig takes a chunk out of a spear chukka that gets too close, its hunger is never satiated.

Turn 4

Stormcast Priority

Now things start to get interesting. Shining his light the Castellant supports one of the liberator squads, and the Heraldor plays a tune for them as well, so they can run and charge.

Wanting to banish the taint of chaos from this realm, the boosted liberators run towards the khorne lines (and move 11 inches). The rest of the Stormcast line moves towards the chaos force ignoring the grots completely.

Another thunderous blast echoes across the battlefield, as the heraldor targets a small crop of trees. From the falling branches and uprooted trees utter carnage is caused, with the warriors and blood letters loosing men, then the bloodthirster, shrine, bloodstoker and bloodsecrator all losing 2 wounds. Bow fire from the Judicators deals 2 more wounds to the Skullreapers, killing 1 and injuring another.

Only one charge makes it, and the Liberators aided by their heroes smash into the skullreapers but only manage to kill 1. Somehow the liberators take no damage back, despite the flurry of attacks from the skullreapers and then a piling in warshrine.

Liberators take the fight to the Khorne battle line.

Khorne turn

Seeing Combat about to be met the Bloodsecrator lifts his banner into the air, then slams it into the ground opening the portal of skulls. The warshrine blesses the warriors giving them re-rolls to hit and valkia inspires them. Risking the rage of a daemon, the bloodstoker whips the bloodthirster so he can get into combat.

With bloodlust running though their veins, the warriors go after the unit of liberators not in combat. The bloodletters and bloodwarriors move up to the objective acting as a bodyguard as Valkia swoops down and picks up the objective. She now has to die.

Combat and the warriors charge the liberators, and the blood warriors failed whatever charge they wanted to make. Demanding the skulls of champions the bloodthrister charges both the lord-Relictor and lord-Castellant.

Going first the Bloodthrister splits his attacks between the two heroes but only manages to kill off the Relictor. Before the warriors can attack the liberators counter-attack smashing one of the warriors heads in, killing him. In the combat to the right the Skullreapers do nothing to the liberators as they hide behind their shields. Striking back the liberators do nothing. Chaos warriors striking the liberators get 34 hits! But then khorne removes his blessing and they only end up killing 3 liberators. Showing what it takes to be a true hero of the mortal realms, the Lord-Castellant steps up and attacks the bloodthrister, and gets 2 wounds past its armour!

Battleshock and every one holds (I wish more than just Grots cared about battleshock).

Mooonclan turn

It’s time to get that objective, my warboss gives the Colossal +1 to hit, and inspires the Squig herd. Casting mystic shield a shaman helps protect the warboss.

The colossal and mangler squig move straight towards Valkia, she needs to die. The rest of the army moves up to her with the yellow shields again acting as a wall from the Stormcast.

Doing what they do best, the spear chukkas can see Valkia, so the first one fires and hits her with both shots and ends up pinning her to a tree (she dies). So the second chukka fires at the blood warriors and kills 1.

Charges and the Colossal charges into the blood warriors and the Mangler charges the bloodletters.  First the colossal attacks and kills 3 bloodwarriors and wounds one but takes 4 wounds while they die. The Castellant fails to do anything to the bloodthirst this time. The bloodletters attack the mangler and deal 5 wounds to it, but the mangler then kills 6 back for their trouble. Warriors kill off 4 liberators, while the other liberator squad manages to kill off the rest of the Skullreapers in a single turn! Now the bloodthirster, he kills the Castellant soooooo hard it rips a small hole in reality and causes a big explosion killing a protector, puts 3 wounds on the Vellixor and Heraldor, 1 Judicator, and finishes off the wounded Fulminator, and kills a liberator who were getting killed by the Warriors.

Battleshock and the liberators who got murdered just run for it.

There is a chance the game can end here causing a minor victory to Chaos, but it continues.

Turn 5

Moonclan Priority

Again the warboss gains mystic shield, he inspires the yellow shields (I really can’t have them run, and bellows at the squigs for +1 to hit.

My warboss runs to the objective but it short by 1 inch to pick it up, so the goblins and squigs swarm to objective.

Shooting from the chukkas fail to do anything to the bloodthrister, he just laughs off their cowardly attacks.

Charge! Bouncing as fast as they can, the squigs become an avalanche of teeth and fall upon the  bloodletters. They strike first and thanks to plus 2 to hit (warboss and herders) they got a lot of hits and do a crazy amount of damage (about 10 damage) killing off the bloodletters. The liberators and warshrine do nothing, so my mangler squig goes next killing 4 bloodwarriors but takes 3 wounds back for his trouble. The bloodwarriors attack the colossal and do no damage; he attacks back and eats the rest of the unit, but takes 2 wounds from chocking on their axes.

Squigs eating everything.

Khorne turn

Again re-rolls on the warriors and whips the bloodthrister.

Seeing no challenge in the grots, the forces of khonre go after worthy skulls and move into the remaining stormcast.

Like a great meatier the bloodthrister attacks the Judicators while the warriors try to take down the Fulminators. Scyla and the flesh hounds charge into the liberators to aid the shrine.

With his great reach of 2 inches the bloodthirster attacks the Fulminators but fails to get any damage though. Not noticing the greater daemon the Fulminators kill off 4 chaos warriors. Flesh hounds drag a liberator to the ground and the liberators deal 2 wounds to the warshrine. Attacking the Fulminators the warriors manage to sneak in 3 wounds but it’s not enough to kill one. Heraldor gets caught up in combat and attacks the warriors but does nothing. With 13 attacks, Scyla manages to kill 2 liberators, and the warshrine kills another. It appears the protectors have been dragged into the combat and can attack the bloodthirster, dealing 4 wounds to him.

Battleshock and surprise, surprise every one stays.

A Great battle Erupts

Stormcast turn

The Heraldor has his work cut out for him this turn, and trumpets the Fulminators so they can retreat and charge.

Seeing the greater threat next to them, the Fulminators retreat from combat with the chaos warriors, and advance towards the bloodthirster.

Judicator fire targets the bloodthirster, and somehow deal 3 wounds to him. Blasting his trumpet again, the Heraldor targets the woods next to the goblins and rolls a 6 inch distance. Both of my shamans take wounds, I lose 3 grots and my warboss takes 2 wounds. However he also catches the fulminators killing the injured one and killing a chaos warrior.

Charges and the last remaining Fulminator charges into the Bloodthirster and manages to kill him on his own. The rest of the combats end with the liberators taking some losses but nothing major, Sycla takes a few wounds but not enough to kill him, and the chaos warriors straight up murder the Heraldor (he needed to die).

Does the game end? On a 3+ it does…. Nope, last turn.

Turn 6

Khorne Priority

The shrine blesses the warriors and the stoker whips them.

In a very khornate move, the warshrine retreats from combat so the flesh hounds can get more models into combat.

Combat and the warriors attack the Fulminator and cause 3 wounds, the liberators fail to do any damage to the flesh hounds and Scyla finally finishes them off with his dramatic number of attacks. The last fulminator kills off 2 chaos warriors.

Nothing runs.

Moonclan turn

I cast curse of the Bad moon on the Fulminator, killing him off, but also spreading wounds around, dealing 1 to the chaos warriors and reducing the Vexillor to a single wound. The warboss gets a mystic shield from the other shaman and tells the colossal squig to stab the stoker, and give him +1 to hit.

Movement and the warboss picks up the relic and runs for it away from the stormcast line, just encase he can somehow kill him. The grots and squigs form a line in the centre to stop any possible chaos attack (I forgot this was the last turn).

Chukka fire kills off 3 Judicators leaving 1 left.

The colossal charges the bloodstoker, the mangler goes into the bloodsecrator and the yellow shield charge the chaos warriors in the back (had to be done).

Somehow the mangler fails to do any damage to the secrator, then the colossal takes 1 wound from the stoker. If moonclan grots know anything it’s how to stab a guy in the back, they manage to drag down 3 warriors! The secrator kills the mangler squig before it could attack but takes a mortal wound back in its death throws. Then to finish the squig attacks, the colossal eats the stoker with ease. Chaos warriors returning attacks on the grots kills 4 (so I class that as a victory).

Battleshock and 4 more grots run.

Colossal vs Bloodstoker

Stormcast turn

The vexillor hasn’t used his teleport ability yet… shit. I forgot all about that and now my general in on his own in the middle of nowhere. The protectors get teleported to just outside 3 inches of the warboss, and try to do mortal wounds to him, they do 3 but his amulet of protection shines bright and stops all 3.

Then they charge the warboss and slice him up, making him drop the relic. The rest of the combats don’t really do anything thanks to the Nets.

Stormcast assassination team, how very cowardly.

The Game ends    

Minor Victory to the Stormcast (Damn them!)

Post-Game Thoughts

As a change from my previous battle reports I asked my opponent’s if they had anything to say about how they played or the way the game went. So here are a few words from them.

Words From the Victor

Pure opportunism, that’s how I won. I just planned to throw the protectors into the horde for a laugh last turn but when you moved him out on his own, I thought… I can win this. It was a great laugh and a fun game. However with this mission we should have changed the deployment zones,  just use three that were all equally far from the relic and from each other. That way we all could meet in the middle and have a giant scrap instead of the two little fights we had in the corner.  

Comments of Khorne

This game was exactly what Age of Sigmar should be, Hilarious and fun.

Bitter Resentment

Well that was a great game but damn did I misplay the last turn. Why I didn’t just surround my warboss with squigs and goblins I will never know. I should have just deployed in one of the centre deployment zones so it would have been closer to the relic and would have had a bit more space to deploy. I would happily play another multiplayer game but with a 4th would be fun and less points each side, maybe 1000 or 1500 points. Having so many units did get a little unwieldy in the middle of the game.

It has been a while since I last played age of sigmar, and we all forgot our respective alliance trait, as well as a few special rules. Hopefully it didn’t make too much of a difference in the game but still, it might have. Still it was a fun game and hopefully I can get a few more battle reports done in the future.

Hope you enjoyed.  


  1. Great report, love seeing your Moonclans in action - all those squigs are really fantastic :D Delicious amount of carnage as well, AOS multiplayer seems like a strong mode for the game.

    1. Thanks man, its always great to get the squigs out and I'm glad you like them. Multi-player was rather fun, would you want to see more reports of multi-player games?

    2. Yes more would be great.

    3. Aww man. I was properly routing for you, expecially when you pinned the second general to a tree. But that last turn was an unexpected twist and made for a great story, somewhat apt for a goblin general to be so close and yet so far.
      Great to see you back posting again keep it up.

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