Thursday 27 March 2014

Void shield Generator Box - Promethium relay pipes?

Back of the box
Yesterday a friend of mine showed me the box of his void shield generator (lucky git!) and on the back we noticed a model attached to the shield generator, what was obviously the promethium pipe relay. Now if you look at the void shield model it even has circular slots in the side of it ready for the pipes to go into it. Now that's a bit for foresight for games workshop, something they don't normally do unless they plan to release the model later on, which quite clearly exists, as its certainly not a conversion. 

Now the thing with that theory is that if you do release the pipes later on, what would be the point as only 1000 people could theoretically use them? Working under the assumption that they are getting released and games workshop aren't stupid (big assumption there) does that mean we will get another model later down the line for the void shield generator? other wise what was the point of producing the pipe model as less than 1000 people will buy it? 

What do you guys think?