Friday 3 May 2013

R.I.P and A Blow to Views...

With the removal of Nafkas blog thanks to games workshop, not only have we lost a great rumour source, role model for blogging  and generally hard working guy, the community has lost out even more.

Now that the blog is gone i have lost out on about 200 views, relying solely on people stumbling across my blog my accident of on a forum, he used to provide me with those views each friday. Not only that i don't have access the large amount of good blogs that he had on his blog roll. While i have followed a fair few of them, more and more keep appearing. Till now.

With the community losing this hub of activity there is a void, a hole for some one else to step up and take on the mantle. Now that is in no way me, but if any of you know of another blog that is attempting this i would like to support them how ever i can.

Do you guys know of any?

Sector 23... Eldar/Dark eldar vs Dark Angels 1500

Another game down the club and i face off against Dark angels in a 1500 point game of Big guns never tire with dawn of war deployment. Playing on the city fight table, and it proves to be quite an interesting game as we have a lot of line of sight blocking terrain. Unfortunately it doesn't hamper him as much as it does me...