Wednesday 19 December 2012

Ripper Bolgrot WIP

I have started work on Ripper Bolgrot and would like to share with you what i have done already. As i was unsure how to paint the troll straight away i got a 40mm round base that i had spare knocked up for him first.

As you can see from the base i decided to put a rather unfortunate player on his base. I wanted it to have the impression he died in a game long ago and instead of bothering to take him off the pitch, he has over time been trampled into the ground and even painted over. What do you think of the result?

As for Ripper himself, i have started with a gray skin and dark blue scales, both washed with a blue wash. This way i hope it all ties together. Next i will dry brush some lighter colours on him and see what happens. The only thing i am still unsure about is what colours to paint his armor. Do i give him his own unique set as after all he is a star player? or do i give him the same as my Orc team (to be fair, they aren't exactly painted atm). So what do you guys think? what colours should i paint his Armour/protective gear?