Sunday 4 March 2012

A step to the future...

While i have mainly just been writing battle reports for 40k and fantasy i feel that i could attempt to add a bit more variety to the blog. This wont be very much but its still a step to what i am aiming for.

For the time being this will probably just be me writing articles for what ever race i am playing with. As an example, my first article will be on Eldar heavy weaponry and whats the best use for each and why. Now while this is probably nothing new for many of you, its just a way for me to help any new eldar players who happen upon my site with a bit more insight. But mainly its just to help me be confident about what i am doing in the games i play.

These articles are probably going to be quite rare but i am looking forward to doing them. For any one concerned that it ill get in the way of my few and far between battle reports, they wont, as any time i can get round to playing a game it will always be written up.

That's all from me for now. Malduran.