Saturday, 13 July 2013

Race Against Time: Painting an Eldar Lynx part 2

This is the progress that i have made so far on my Lynx, and i have to say its not great. Getting the bleached bone to the level it is at now has taken longer than on my other models, and its still not right so it will take another layer or two to finish. Time is very quickly running out and i can't spend all of tonight on it as i had planned. So its not looking like it will be finished. However i will cheat and get as much painted on top as i can. Hopefully it will look ok and i will be able to finish it off in the future. 

Also reading over the apocalypse rule book i am really liking the new changes to formations, choirs and commands. One thing does bother me though and that's the changes to super heavy vehicles, mainly that they can no longer jink, and that they ignore everything on the damage chart. I though driver damage and weapon shaken made sense, but they have gotten rid of it all. I guess it makes my Lynx a lot better now though.

Anyway back to painting!