Friday 10 August 2012

The little green horde... Goblins vs high elves 1500

A quick injection of Warhammer fantasy for you guys today, a bit of a spare of a moment game against my friends high elves. 1500 points, battle line game using a goblin only army. Now it’s been quite a while since we have both played fantasy so if you spot any mistakes, and their will be mistakes, please forgive us.

Well we only decided to play this game about a day before so not to much time to prepare and get a good army in time. But I though it would be a good excuse to use a goblin army. Now before I wrote my army list I decided to look back over my old games and article to see what I felt I needed to do when I was playing fantasy on a regular basis. And looking at it, it was mainly orc based. So lets ignore most of that and go onto the goblins!!!

Goblin army 1500

Goblin Warboss – 121
Great weapon, armour of destiny

Night goblin great shaman – 155
Level 3, sceptre of stability (sneaky stabbin, gork’ll fix it, curse of the bad moon)

Goblin bigboss – 109
Bsbm great weapon, armour of silvered steal

Night goblin bigboss – 36
Great weapon, light armour

Night goblin bigboss – 34
Great weapon

58 Night goblins – 264
Nets, spears, musician, standard, fanatic

42 Night goblins – 196
Spears, musicians, standard, 2 x fanatics

6 trolls – 210

Arachnarok spider – 290

Rock lobster – 85

And that was my army list. I aimed to hold the combat units in place with the large blocks of goblins while the spider and trolls hopefully smash the flanks of the enemy’s army. The rock lobber will just target what ever units I can, hopefully getting a kill or 10. I'm a little worried that as I only have two infantry blocks and a troll unit that I could be in trouble if the enemy has a lot of units to out manoeuvre or flank charge me.

High elves 1501

Prince – 264
Great weapon, armour of celdar, vambraces of defence, talisman of locc, stead 

Noble – 164
Bsb, heavy armour, white sword, talisman of protection

25 spearmen – 240
Standard, musician

25 spearmen – 240
Standard, musician

15 swordmasters – 243
Standard, musician

5 dragon princes – 150

2 repeater bolt throwers – 200

the vyper is a bolt thrower

And that’s the elf army, quite small and only a few threats, the prince, the swordmasters and the dragon princes are going to be the issues here. The spearmen can be an issue if I fail a fear test or two, but hopefully I should be fine. With no mage I was very surprised and felt I wasted 15 points I could have spent better, never mind.

The game was the first mission, battle line, in case you missed it before.

We rolled for set up and the high elves won and started to deploy first. When that was completed we rolled to see who goes first and the high elves won. So they go first...

High elf turn 1  

The first turn was just a march fest, with the prince, dragon warriors and both spearmen marching forward. The swordmasters move to the right to protect the bolt throwers. With no magic, straight to the shooting phase. Both bolt throwers target the spider, but only 1 hits and deals a single wound to the beast.

Goblin turn 1

I pass all my animosity and stupidity tests (always a good start) so I can fully control my army for this turn. Both goblin blocks move forward to face the spearmen, the smaller block how ever having to move to the right to get around the rocks in front of them. The trolls carry on escorting the general on the flank and move forward. The spider moves to its left to face the dragon princes.
Magic phase and its 3 power vs 2 dispel. I cast gork’ll fix it on the dragon princes successfully, by passing the dispel attempt. Following this up with sneaky stabbin the shaman rolls a 1 for his mushroom die, poisoning himself. So the shaman is down to 2 wounds.
Shooting from the rock lobber targets a block of spearmen, but the shot scatters 4 inches only clipping a single spearman, killing him under the shards of rock. That wasn’t a great shot...
 To finish the shooting the goblins on the back of the spider shoot at the dragon princes, wounding 1, but failed to penetrate the armour.

High elf turn 2

The first charge of the game comes from the prince charging the rock lobber. I don’t see that going well. I expected the dragon princes to charge the spider at this point, where I could eat them happily. But I was surprised; the tricky elves run past the spider out of its charge range.  The swordsmen hold their ground while the spearmen march to the goblins still, but get too close triggering the fanatics. Unfortunately both fanatics get thrown 6 inches and stay just outside the spearmen. 
Shooting and both bolt throwers shoot at the trolls but only manage to deal 1 wound, which gets regenerated, so no harm done.
Combat and as expected the prince murders the crew and holds. No more rock lobber for me.

Goblins turn 2

 I roll for animosity and my big block of night goblins with general and bsb squabble. Not the worst thing in the world but not great. Declaring charges and the goblins not currently killing each other charge into the high elf spearmen right in front of them, the elves hold their ground. The fanatics then move, one of them dyeing as it spins into some rocks, the other goes though my goblins, killing two of them. Not too bad. The trolls move forward but stay within 12 of the general, as I will need his leadership for their stupidity. The spider, with nothing to see, moves forward not allowing itself to be kited around all game by the dragon princes. And finally the shaman, seeing an opportunity to kill some pesky knights, moves to their flank.
Magic phase started well with winds ending up 8 vs 4, the shaman attempts to case cures of the badmoon on the dragon princes, attempting to remove them from the game. I roll well but get a 1 on my mushroom die, getting a bad mushroom, failing the cast... brilliant. The other spells fail.
Combat phase saw the goblins fighting the spear elves, I lost 9 gobbos to the pointy ears but managed to kill 6 as well. Unfortunately I lost combat by 1, no worries, I'm steadfast I though, rolling a 10, again not a problem, I am in range of my bsb... no. I was not, the rank removed by the elves effectively left me out of range of the bsb, by less than half an inch. So my goblins run for their lives. The goblins manage to escaper rolling 12, they have a chance to regroup.

High elves turn 3

Both the Prince and the spear elves attempt to charge the fleeing goblins. They both catch them and destroy the poor goblins. The sword masters move back from the trolls, afraid of what they will do to them. The princes keep moving around my back field to mess around with my army. The spear elves that didn’t charge the feeling goblins move around the rocks to threaten the goblins flank. They then activate the fanatic from the goblin unit, who lands just out of range.
Both bolt throwers then target the trolls, hitting, 1 wounding, but again getting regenerated. The trolls are doing quite well so far.

Goblin turn 3
Animosity again, the goblins pass and the trolls are fine. Measuring how far the trolls are from the swordmasters they would need to get double 6 to charge the elves. That’s not going to happen so they move back. The goblins attempt a swift reform but fail, only managing to reform to face the spearmen and the price, if the dragon prices charge them in the flank, they will have to deal with it. The spider reforms to face the flank of the goblins so that if they are charged by the dragons they spider can attack the dragon princes. The shaman moves to threaten the dragon princes again. The fanatic moves one killing 2 elves the other just swinging around.
Magic is 3 v 2. The shaman manages to get badmoon cast, the vortex moves 16 inches right over the dragon princes, just missing the prince. Two dragon princes die form the spell but hold.
Shooting from the spider targets the dragon princes, doing nothing, its not surprising really.

High elf turn 4

This appears to be the turn that decides the game, both spearmen and the prince charge the goblins in the front while the dragon princes charge them in the flank. If they don’t brake them this turn, they I have a shot of clawing this back. The swordmasters hold ground again.
Both bolt throwers decide to change to multiple shots, targeting the trolls and this time manage to get a single wound past the regeneration save.
Combat and the night goblins use their nets on the larger spear elf unit. The prince issues a challenge which is accepted by the bigboss, who is destroyed by the superior swordsman. The whole round goes past; I lose about 11 goblins and in the end lose combat by 15. But thanks to being steadfast and with the bsb re-roll I hold. That should be enough to keep the elves in place for a turn or two.

Goblin turn 4

The trolls pass their stupidity test but hold their ground as they cant really move out of the generals range. The spider charges into the flank of the dragon princes. A fanatic dies rolling a double for his move.
Magic is 6 v 5, I manage to cast gork’ll fix it on the large spearmen unit but it gets stopped. However sneaky stabbin gets cast on the spider, and gets through, that’s a lot of re-rolls.
Combat, once again the prince issues a challenge, and reluctantly the general accepts, I hoped that the 4+ ward will help him survive. The prince deals 4 wounds to my general but I manage to save two of them. I lose about 6 goblins, the nets on the spear elves helps a lot. The spider attacks the dragon princes and kills all 3 of them, that many re-rolls just makes the spider an avalanche. The goblins kill a few elves. I manage to win by 4 some how, all the hold apart from the small spear elf unit who runs.

High elf turn 5

The running spear men keep on running so they aren’t much of a worry, unfortunately they aren’t off the board yet.
Shooting and the bolt throwers target the trolls again with multiple shots, dealing 3 wounds, my regeneration saves are starting to fail me at this point.
Combat and rather expectedly my general gets murdered by the elf price in the challenge. I'm not surprised, you shouldn’t be either. How ever, the spear elves fail to kill any goblins (that you should be surprised at) thanks to the nets. Seizing the opportunity my goblins kill 4 elves, meaning I win the combat, but they both hold.

Goblins turn 5

With the general dead, the trolls take their stupidity test, not expecting much to happen, even with a re-roll. They fail as expected and wonder forward doing nothing. The spider moves around to get into range and arc of the elf prince so next turn he can help out.  
Magic phase gives me 9 die to 5, and I cast gork’ll fix it on the spearmen again, this time with irresistible force, and the miscast takes a second wound off my shaman, leaving him with 1.
Combat and once again the price issues a challenge, but I refuse this time, I don’t want my pretty bsb dieing on me. So the prince kills 4 goblins while I kill 4 elves (the spearmen again do nothing). I win the combat but the prince flees from combat leaving the elf spearmen to take the brunt of the goblin attack. Not too bad.

High elf turn 6

The prince manages to rally and moves out of charge range of the spider. The sword masters still hold their ground (waste of points really, but so where my trolls... so I can’t really talk).
The running spearmen still run but only 2 inches so they are still on the table.
The bolt throwers target the trolls dealing a single wound (yay regen).
Combat and it carries on going my way, the elves deal nothing, I kill 5 of them leaving their number horrifically small. This makes them run and I manage to catch them killing them.

Goblin turn 6

I can’t do anything to change the outcome so I just pass it. No point rolling dice when nothing will change.

 We add up the victory points at the end of the game and I managed to score 555 while my opponent scored 580. So that’s a draw.

I cant help but feel I was very lucky to get a draw after all that. My opponent got rather unlucky while I get very lucky. I need to start learning from my mistakes.

·         The placement of the general is key here, I need to know where he is and what is range is for his Ld bubble. If I hadn’t had let the night goblin unit on my right stay out of range of him, I could have taken out (or held up) the spear elves on the right and not had my general be triple teamed. This would have allowed the trolls to be useful. But such is life.
·         The spider again was wasted I feel. If I had just ignored the dragons and blitzed up the flank and gotten to the swordmasters and bolt throwers it could have made its points back. But instead it go stuck going round in circles. I need to be better with him.
·         I am not pleased with goblin magic, yes its cheap but I need more than 1 caster to guarantee getting some good spells. I am also tempted to pay the little extra for a goblin shaman. I know he doesn’t get the mushroom die which really helps get past better mages but having rolled a 1 twice this game, it makes me wonder if paying for the reliability of knowing what is going to happen (haha with magic, that’s a laugh).
·         And goblins are awesome... just though I would let you know. They did very well this game and held up some much better opponents.
·         I need to play more fantasy.

I got lucky I know, but shut up, let me have this one.

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