Wednesday 8 August 2012

Second game of apocalypse, 10K a side

Again we played a game of apocalypse over the weekend and with 5 people a team we ended up with 10k a side. Imperium of man (+Eldar) vs Chaos space marines (+Tyranids & Eldar). It took over 8 hours and we only ended up on turn 4... dear god it took ages. Again i don't know what every one had, this is just pictures.

For the game we each took 2k points and i decided that i wanted to take a small army, so small i could hold it in my smallest model case as i had to take a lot of terrain with me for that game. So i ended up with 10 models. 2k, 10 models. I took a phoenix court of khaine with two farseer's and Drazhar (i wanted ALL the phoenix lords). So here are the pics for you. Hope you enjoy.

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