Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The first stage of evolution: improving the list

With my 3 games over with my current 1500 point Eldar list, the time has come to go over it and see what changes I can make to (hopefully) increase its ability to take on any opponent.  It currently stands at 1 victory to 2 defeats. Not terrible but could be a lot worse, let’s see if it does.

So first, here is the list I have been using:
Eldar 1495

Farseer – 145 (warlord) w/ guardians
Runes of warding, witness, spirit stones, Doom, guide

 11 guardians – 133
Scatter laser, warlock, embolden

11 guardians – 133
Scatter laser, warlock, embolden

10 Dire avengers – 153
Exarch, 2 x catapults, blade storm

Wave serpent – 125
Twin scatter laser, shuriken cannon

8 Fire dragons – 128

Wave serpent – 125
Twin scatter laser, shuriken cannon

8 Fire dragons – 128

Wave serpent – 125
Twin scatter laser, shuriken cannon

2 vypers – 120
2 x shuriken cannons

3 war walkers – 180
2 x scatter lasers

So what changes have to be made? Well first of all the guardians need to change. The 11 man, warlock lead units really didn’t do much. They had their most success hiding at the back shooting what ever got a bit too close. So that’s what they are going to be doing next list, remove the warlock, reduce them down to 10 men and lets see what happens. Fire dragons, 8 aspect warriors seems a little much for what they can do. Theoretically 8 is a great number, they should be able to kill everything they look at. But let’s see how a reduced number goes. Finally the vypers, I want to remove them from the list, while they had a nice amount of firepower, they are a bit expensive for what they do.

What does my list need? From my games two main things are apparent: It lacks long range anti-tank guns and assault units. While assault units aren’t going to be too useful, a counter assault units will hopefully help prevent assault units steam rolling my entire army. Even if they just hold them up for a turn it will be worth it.  

So what are the answers for these problems? Well assault units could be either banshees, striking scorpions or harlequins. All units would defiantly fit the roll that I need; more so the scorpions as the 3+ save will help stall most none power weapon welding units. However all are quite expensive for a unit that I will probably just throw away in a desperate act to not lose my army. So do I go for a small unit or look else where? The second answer that I need is long range guns. How can I get that? More guardians with different weapons? Wraith lords with bright lances and missile launcher, a falcon? Or again, do I look else where?

After attempting to use eldar units to fill in the gap i came to a decision, one i hadn't considered to today. Dark Eldar. They have what i need to improve my list and are considered battle brothers. They will do quite nicely. So here is the list that i came up with

Eldar & Dark eldar 1499

Farseer - 148
Runes of warding, runes of witness, spirit stones, singing spear, Guide, Doom

10 Guardians - 95
Scatter laser

10 Guardians - 95
scatter laser

10 Dire avengers - 120

wave serpent - 115
scatter laser

6 Fire dragons - 96

Wave serpent - 115
scatter laser

6 Fire dragons - 96

Falcon - 135
Missile launcher

3 War walkers - 180
scatter laser x 6


Haemonculus - 55
venom blade

7 Wyches - 84
haywire grenades

Raider - 60

Ravager - 105

The major difference from the original list is that fire dragons are now 6 strong and only one unit has a wave serpent. The other will be hanging in the falcon until they are called upon. By taking a falcon i have added 3 strength 8 shots so hopefully i can do some long range damage to tanks. The dire avengers have lost their exarch and toys as they didn't do to much and i needed the points to get the dark brethren. And of course, the dark eldar, the ravager adds 3 lances to add even more fire power, as does the raider. The wyches are a multi-purpose unit as they can take out tanks with haywire but also hold up units in assault if they need to. The haemonculus is just there as a cheap HQ, but also gives the wyches feel no pain with his pain token. Not too bad.

So what do you guys think? is this list better than the last one? you tell me.


  1. Good options for ya:
    I think fortune is a must be in Eldar army.
    You can look for another farseer with powers from rulebook. Missfortune and ignoring cover(if you got lucky roll but any of rulebook powers arent bad) ale good options on walkers. It gives you cheeper second farseer that will stay on back)

    Like you sayd - falcon. He could do much but this will miks you army right now. Maybe try to get 2 serpents. 2 squads of dragons are good but its too much. You need to put them close enough to destroy heavy. What comes next? Enemy see yours dragons and serpent (2 kill points for him). He will shoot you to hell and your dragons wont last long. Leaving one squad of 8 will be good (if you want them to handle a little longer) but if you want drop them to 6.

    Serpent with DA's could get EML. Why? they are any inf unit. so only armored units will hurt. Why not lance? Just my preference. You can get it at highest cost.

    Have you tryied Avatar? In that kind of list hes a god. Enemy see Avatar. He shoot him ith everything becouse hes running first. Fortune him, and you will see what i meant.

    You want one squad to sit on back and shoot? Try pathfinders. Put them in cover and let them shoot what hurt you most. Squad of 5 cost ya 120p. If you want to save points than leave guardians 95p.

    Expensive but can be worth. Wraithlord. EML & Scater laser or Lance & cannon. In foot army they do a lot combined with charging Avatar.

    Banshees are good, but... When they coume out they cant assault. Foot is realy dangerous so this girls can go only fortuned. AP 3 weapon hurted them most. If you want cover unit for your shooter than their couter attack ability and mask (first fight turn on I10).

    Scorpions lost a lot in this ed. Dont have them and my eldar friends on BG are not using them anymore.

    Drop Vypers, 1-Dragons and serpent, guardian squad to 10 and you get 389pts for Avatar and wraithlord or falcon.

  2. thanks for posting.