Wednesday 19 September 2012

Tinkering with terrain

This week i had a bit of free time and so i had a moment of inspiration and found my old school necromunda bulk heads and a cereal box and made this little outpost for the hell of it. It will be painted soon... probably. 

I added little imperial aquilas to the old side just to give it a little more authenticity.

An ammo box as spare lasgun are just a few of the bits i though would make this look a little less bare on the top. I feel it makes it look used and less boring.

Now granted the next terrain pieces i didn't make, for the barricades i just based them so they didn't fall over. I was just sick of them moving when ever we play with them so adding a base helps them be a little more practical. The other terrain, the dragons teeth and creators i bought on ebay and got them quite recently. They are OOP forge world terrain that i remember seeing years and years ago, they were a real deal for £4 so i just had to grab them while i could.


  1. Not bad stuff, dude. I like the dragon teeth. Where did you get those from?