Tuesday 11 December 2012

Evolution Vs Revolution: Army list building

Over the course of this blog I have been slowly playing with my army and changing the aspects of it that don’t quite flow or do what I desire for my army. This very slow process has lead to some victories and many defeats. Now is that the best way of going about improving your army?

As I'm slowly getting to grips with what would make a good army I keep hitting dead ends and have to change. This way I am slowly evolving my list and stay within my comfort zone so to speak, so I know what my units do. However this can lead to problems, I have to think inside the box when deciding how to improve the actual list as this slow process only works if you do it step by step.

If i have had a problem with tanks i would add a heavy weapon or two, if that still failed i would add more. That would then lead to me not having enough anti-infantry fire power and then i would slowly go back to that. Nothing ever really shined, maybe this is a problem with my view on things, i need to learn to be more flexible? 

What if I do something totally different? What if instead of slowly building my knowledge of my army I just throw out everything and try something totally different every time? What happens if I revolutionise my army every single game? Will that help me see what I should use and what I shouldn't at a faster pace? Will it give off similar results? I just don’t know.

Taking the example above, if i have a problem with tanks this time instad of adding two heavy weapons i would just go massed infantry  have more bodies on the table so i could walk over to that tank and just crack it open with masses of models slapping its rear armor? Just go totally off center and go with something unexpected. I don't know, but i want to.

Slow and steady learning
Fast and unpredictable learning
Best used for people staring their collections so they can slowly expand them
Needs a lot of different units to get the best out of trying totally different things
Predictable after a few games

My armies are starting to be very predictable, they all have lots of tanks and few bodies on the table, something which might not be great and has certainty shown to be less than productive. So does that mean that I should just stop doing what I have been doing when developing my army list? For now, I think it does. When I go about creating my next evolving list I won’t carry on with the slow methodical nature of evolution, I'm going to go balls to the wall crazy and try something totally different. I don’t know what yet, but you will see soon enough. I hope.

What do you guys think? When you are making army lists what do you do to improve upon past ones?

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