Sunday, 23 December 2012

Weekly Round up

The weekly round up is a collection of articles that i have found through out the week that i believe are worthy of being collected into one place for you all to view again. So click to see what i have this week for you...

Terrain: WeeMen has a brilliant fuel storage tank he has made, a great bit of terrain.

Painting: 40K Giveaway has painted up some Imperial fist terminators. I'm loving the detail on them and their shoulder pads. Keep it up good sir.

Painting: Zen 40,000 displays some heresy era white scar space marines. I especially love the sergeant, just wonderful.

Painting: 40K battler Report has his ultramarines getting painted at quite a good rate. His army is coming along.

Battle Report: Wings of Sanguinius has a rather unconventional battle with some great looking armies. Well worth a look.

Battle Report: Imperius Dominatus has a battle report between Grey knights and Tyranids. 

Specialist: The Evandalist spends far to long playing blood bowl and has a few reports on his day and night playing the noble sport. A lot of human teams though...

And that's this weeks round up. Any comments on how to improve the weekly round up please feel free to let me know.

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