Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Dark Angels: Sacred Standard of Devestation

I just re-read my codex dark angels i found this little beauty. For those of you who don't know what it is, its a banner that lets all units within 6 inches make their bolters salvo 2/4. Now is it me or is that over the top? Take this with 3 units of 10 man tactical squads and hold an objective and no one is going to be able to weather 120 bolter shots! And its only 65 points... granted you have to buy a command squad to get it but i think its potentially very powerful.

Imagine a 1000 game, or something just as low. you come across a cheap HQ, command squad and then 4 units of tactical marines... that's going to be hard to shift in such a low points game. Hell in a large game it will make quite the flank holder, especially if its behind a aigis defense line.

Now i don't play dark angels (wish i did now) so what do you guys think? would this be viable?


  1. While a command squad and two tactical squads could easily camp an objective more than that and getting everyone within 6" of the flag could be tricky without giving away cover saves. However the whole things gets countered when a bunch of armour 11 or better rocks up to play, Killa Kans for instance hiding a mech out of LOS behind them to repair any HW fire. Guard would love you to bunch up like that plant pie plates on the command squad and at worst you'll scatter onto a tactical squad. Vindicators, land raider with an assault unit inside (say 10 Bezerkers and multi charge the nice bunched up units.) or a Mauler fiend.
    Now don't get me wrong it's a powerful bit of wargear, but situational.

  2. At first glance it really looks awesome, but -as Daniel pointed out- it has nothing to deal with AV11 vehicles.
    Even a 35 pts Rhino can Tank-shock aside the banner bearer.
    Snipers will single him out with their precision shots. Pieplates will also love the bearer. Plus, the whole formation is really static - once you moved, you will only shoot the standard rapid-fire amount, the enemy will easily outrange you.

    However, I like the idea of combining that with the trollgrenade launcher of the RW, hitting a unit will effectively makes your bolters to heavy bolter, strength-wise. A salvo 2/4 is also pretty handy in overwtch fire.

  3. How about putting the Command squad in a Land Raider CCrusader flanked by two OTHER Land Raider Crusaders? All those Bolters being Twin-Linked and Salvo 4. And you have the AssCan and Multimelta (I always take one) to blast tanks away before hand.

    Expensive and gimmicky, but would give your opponent pause.

    I have not looked ta the codex in-depth, but from what I have seen, it is very nice.

    1. Fielding with 3 LRC was my first thougt too, but I guess it will be faq'd pretty soon to include only boltguns of the infatnry. Or the bikers' at best.

    2. Why would it get FAQ'd to not allow Hurricane Bolters? They are Boltguns after all.