Friday 22 February 2013

Rumble of the Engine... Eldar/Dark eldar vs Orks 1500

Second game at my gaming club and again I'm up against orks. A different player this time round, a guy named Dave, who was trying out a tournament list for an up an coming tournament he is going to. It’s a good test for my list so I was more than happy to play him. Its 1500 points, Big guns never tire, vanguard strike, 4 objectives. We played on a beautiful ice table, it was a nice change.

The Armies

I brought my Wraithstar V 2.1 list (a slight change from what I posted with wraithstar V 2) to the club as I wanted to see how it does against other armies.

Eldar 1500

Farseer – 140 (warlord: conqueror of cities) w/ wraithguard

10 Wraithguard – 396
Warlock, spiritseer, conceal

10 Guardians – 95
Scatter laser

6 Warp spiders – 149
Exarch, 2 x spinner

3 War walkers – 180
Scatter lasers

2 War walkers – 80
Shuriken cannon

The Baron – 105 w/ wraithguard

5 Warriors – 60

Venom – 65
2 x splinter cannon

5 Warriors – 60

Venom – 65
2 x splinter cannon

Ravager – 105
3 x dark lance

And the army that am up against is a tournament ork list, he is still working the kinks out of hte list so its not quite perfect. I didn’t get his list just a general idea of his army.

Orks 1500

War Boss (warlord: scoring) w/ Mega nobz
Mega armour, cybork body, attack squig

6 Mega Nobz
 4 x combi scorcher, 2 x combi rokkit

Battle wagon
3 x big shoota, kannon, death rolla, grot riggers

20 Shoota Boyz
Nob, power klaw

Battle wagon
Big shoota, death rolla

20 Shoota boyz
Nob, power klaw

Battle wagon
Big shoota, death rolla

10 Grots

12 Loota boyz

3 Kannons
3 extra crew

Aigis Defence line
Quad gun

So very different from the last ork army I faced. Three battle wagons full of orks, one with a 2+ save, the other just full of boyz, then at the back is a gun line. I have never faced an ork army like this, and I'm not 100% sure how I will deal with it. An interesting challenge for my poor little list, lets hope I have a chance.

The Mission

As I said before, it was Big guns never tire and we rolled 4 objectives, 1 placed behind his defence line, 1 in the open in his deployment zone, 1 on top of the hill and the last placed in the rocks in my deployment zone. The deployment was vanguard strike. We forgot about mysterious objectives.

He won the roll to set up first so had his defence line on the left, with the kannons, lootas, and the grots manning the quad gun (on the objective). The battle wagons where in the middle ready to plow straight towards me.

Ork deployment

I deployed my guardians on my objective, the warithguard in front to hoefully destroy a a battle wagon before getting murdered by the mega nobz. The ravager and venoms deploy on my right flank to stay out of range and hopefully destroy the battle wagons. I keep the warp spiders in reserve to deep strike in, the scatter walkers in reserve and the shuriken walkers out flank. I just hope I can pop a battle wagon and kill the boys while my reserves destroy his gun line.

Eldar deployment

Night fight: No
Steal the initiative: No


The Battle

Ork turn 1

In true orky style my opponent starts the game with a very aggressive move forward as all three battle wagons steam forward. The orks behind the defense line hold their ground trying to draw a good bead of sight.

Shooting starts with the lootas getting 36 shots at the wraithguard but only 1 wraithguard dies (I’m ok with it), followed by the quad gun which fails to do any damage. The battle wagon on the left goes flat out. The warbosses battle wagon however opens up all shots on the wraithguard but fails to do anything, but the mega nobz then shoot and some how drag down a wraithguard. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these orks next to me.

Eldar turn 1

I go straight for an aggressive move here, if I hesitate I will just give the game away. The Farseer casts both fortune and guide on the wraithguard as they go straight for the warboss battle wagon. Meanwhile the three skimmers move up the right hand side but keeping all the guns in range of the right battle wagon. The guardians stay still.

Not very often the first turn is so important for me, but here we go. Starting with the venom closer to the battle wagon on the right, the warriors shoot their blaster at the boy battle wagon, and miss. The second one shoots, and misses. The ravager how ever fairs better, 3 hits, and makes the battle wagon holding the ork boyz explode killing 6 of the boyz inside. I then shoot with the wraithguard at the warboss battle wagon and that explodes as well, wounding a mega nob. With no more anti tank shots I turn both venoms on the ork boyz on foot and kill 9 boyz and an extra one from the guardians. 4 boyz remain and hold their position. I have mixed feeling about that game, not sure if that was the best way to play with the mega nobz so close to me.

Ork turn 2

Quite an important turn now as well with the mega nobz so close. The battle wagon remaining moves towards the wraithguard as do the mega nobz. As the loota boyz couldn’t really see any targets he moves them over the defence line to try and get a better line of sight.

Shooting starts with the shoota boyz in the battle wagon having a go at the wraithguard but from all the shots not a single one wounds.

The first combat phase and its looking daunting, the mega nobz charge into the wraithguard but I don’t get any over watch hits. The baron issues a challenge to the warboss to take his attacks out of the equation. In the challenge the baron actually manages to wound the ork some how, and the warboss gets 1 wound past the shadow field but thanks to fortune, I re-roll and make the save. In quite an astonishing turn of events teh wraithguard manage to deal a single wound to the mega nobz, and I only lose 4! (I get lucky there, 15 attacks, only 4 hits, lucky me). I hit and run out of combat with the wraithguard with no issue.

Eldar turn 2

I roll for reserves and only the warp spiders come into play and deep strike in front of the lootas now outside of the defense line. The quad gun kicks in here and intercepts them, killing a single spider. I then cast fortune and guide on the wraithguard again. They move back towards the mega nobz and the skimmers stay on the right to stay out of range of the kannons.

From there ambush the warp spiders manage to kill 7 of the lootas and they run for it. As the mega nobz are very dangerous, the whole army shoots into them. The ravager manages to instant kill 2 nobs, the wraithguard deal a hand full of wounds, as do the venoms. After all the dust settles the only remaining models are the warboss (2 wounds left) and a wounded nob. I’m happy with that move.

Ork turn 3

Lucky for me the lootas fail the leadership test again and carry on running from the spiders. The battle wagon moves towards the guardians and the shoota boyz jump out intending to charge the guardians.
In a surprise turn of evens the grots shoot at the warp spiders and kill a aspect warrior and the Exarch! I’m not happy with that. The kannons then shoot at them but all miss thank god.

Combat phase and the shoota boyz declare a charge on the guardians to which I over watch, and kill the front 4 boyz. He rolls charge distance but thanks to my overwatch he is just out of range so stays where he is. The warboss however doesn’t have this issue as he charges the wraithguard, who kill the nob with over watch. Again the baron issues a challenge to neuter the warboss and I hit and run away after all is said and done.

Eldar turn 3

Reserves and both war walker units come in, the out flanking unit comes in behind the quad gun (which again intercepts, destroying 1 and blowing a weapon off the other) and the others by the large ork mob out in the open. Fortune/Guide wraithguard again. The skimmers turn to face the new threat of the large boy mob.

Shooting starts with the wraithguard shooting at the warboss and I manage to get 4 wounds on him, two of them cause instant death, killing him. The venoms combine shots to kill a large number of boyz, followed by shots from the guardians which kill a couple more. He has about 5 boys plus the nob left so it seems like overkill for the war walkers. However I made a mistake here and put them behind a defence line I didn’t notice... so I only manage to kill the boyz and wound the nob, leaving him alive. On the other side of the table the warp spiders and the war walker shoot at the grots and manage to kill them all, leaving the quad gun open.

In the assault phase the warp spider’s jump back to get a cover save from the defensive line.

Ork turn 4

He is in a bit of trouble now and decides to go for it, and makes the battle wagon ram into the war walkers! The ram does nothing but the death roller explodes a walker and immobilises another! Damn that was unexpected. The lone nob then moves towards the walkers intending to finish the job. The lootas regrouped and jump over to the quad gun.

Angry at the spiders the lootas shoot at the aspect warriors and kill a single spider, but they run from the torrent of shots.

Combat and the nob charges into the war walkers and I fail to do any wounds, and then the power klaw rips the walkers to shreds then consolidates behind the battle wagon. That was a horrible turn of events. The remaining boys I have been ignoring charge into the ravager and glance it once. They won’t live much longer after that.

Eldar turn 4

The warp spiders rally and move a little towards the lootas. A venom turns to face the boyz and drops off the warriors inside to hopefully get line breaker later in the game. The other venom moves to go after the nob. Fortune/guide wraithguard and they go after the battle wagon.

Shooting from the ravager manages to get two hull points off the battle wagon, the warriors in the venom gets a third hull point off and the wraithguard manage to glance it for the final time, wrecking it. I was hoping it would explode to kill the nob but no such luck. The venom and warriors combine fire to kill the other ork boyz.

Ork turn 5

The nob moves more to get out of sight and claim the objective under it.

The kannons shoot at the spiders and kill them all. Checking to see what he can see, the lootas can see the ravager and shoot it, and with a great explosion, its taken out the game.

The ravager has disappeared

Eldar turn 5

I cast fortune and guide on the wraithguard again and the move towards the objective towards his deployment zone in the open. The venom that went after the nob drops off its warriors as they go after the objective to contest the nobs claim. The other warriors move forwards to try and get line breaker.

We roll to see if the game carries on...

Ork turn 6

He doesn’t have much option and shoots the lootas at the warriors contesting the objective but I go to ground and lose 3 but hold.

Eldar turn 6

Fortune/Guide again, and the wraithguard move towards the objective and make it into range to claim it. The venom moves and gets to see the nob and the warriors in his deployment zone defiantly get into line breaker territory.

Shooting and the venom kills the nob while the other venom shoots at the kannons and only deal 1 wound to them.

We roll again...

Ork turn 7

The kannons shoot at the wraithguard but fail to do anything, the same result happens with the wraithguard.

Eldar turn 7

The warriors make sure they have the objective and that’s it.

End of the game

We calculate the scores as it tallies up as:

Orks: 6 (1 objective, 3 heavy support choices) – Eldar: 14 (3 objectives, 2 heavy support, first blood, warlord, line breaker)

Eldar victory!!!


Well that was a very interesting game against a tournament list, and the result was very good for me. The end result however doesn’t give the game credit to how close it was. It definetly came down to two major things, both of which happened Ork turn 2.

First: The mega nobz failing to wound. With 15 attacks, he should have had 7.5 hits, and 6.25 kills. So I should have lost 6 wraithguard not 4, which could have effectively neutralised the unit as they would have gone down to T3, not 6. That lucky even meant they would still dominate the battle field with hit and run. So more of the time that won’t go in my favour.

Second: The lootas getting out of the defensive line. He forgot about my reserves which I punished him for, as it stopped the lootas being effective for two turns and killed the grots. This again was a mistake from him and not skill on my part.

So that game shows that my list can punish unlucky rolls but I wouldn’t say I won due to any tactics on my point.  The ork boys failing the charge on the guardians was also key as if they killed the guardians I would have had a little difficulty taking them out with them in area terrain.

Anyway, did I learn anything from this game?
·         Wraithguard: While they can take a lot of shooting on the chin they can’t take an assault with average rolls. I should have just got them in range of the battle wagon turn 1 so I could shoot it and hopefully reduce the chance of me getting charge turn 2. While 9/10 this wont help, every now and then (I guess 1/10) it might just mean they fail their charge on me. Just something to think about.
·         Interceptor: This is my first game facing a quad gun and that ability to interrupt game play and shoot is more valuable than I would have though. Adding a defence line to my eldar army might be useful but I don’t want to take and points out of my army. Maybe for bigger games it something to think about.
·         The baron: Using him to tie up big power houses like the warboss was defiantly a good call, do that more often.
·         Reserves: With this opponent I decided that reserving both war walkers was the best bet to get the most out of them. My original intention with the scatter walkers was to walk in close to his defensive position and just murder a unit or two. With the threat of the ork boys that was too much of an opportunity for me which I had to go for. While this is the opposite to what I would normally do I'm starting to think I need to keep my plan up in the air depending on what opponent I’m against. If I had just kept them behind the wraithguard they would have been useless and probably died early on.

What do you guys think about how I played? What would you have done differently?


  1. I really like how you do battle reports =) Great presentation and detail!

    It was a very interesting read as I play orks myself. But I don't really like his list ^^

    About the game, well, he was rather unlucky as you said yourself ^^ In your position I don't know If I would have done anything differently. Bold move you did with your wraith, and it payed off :)

    uhm, but I have to tell you that your Baron would have died in that battle. As Dark Eldar do not benefit from Eldar powers like Fortune/Guide (Eldar FAQ) :/

  2. Actually not the case 'dark eldar units' don't benefit agreed

    But the baron as a character takes on the profile of the unit he joins as such the powers are cast on the eldar unit not the baron and he just benefits from them.

  3. well, an independant character is a unit and always stays one, even when it gets attached to a unit. It counts as being part of the unit for attacks, but as it stays and Ic, infantry and Dark Eldar unit even when it is part of the Eldar unit. And he does not take on the profile of the unit he joins, he keeps his profile.

    I agree that the power can be cast on the unit, no problem there. But when he fails a save, you check if the psychic power kicks in, is he an Eldar ? No. So no benefit there.

    1. Actually when an IC joins a unit he becomes part of that unit for all intents and purposes. He gains whatever benefits and drawbacks the unit has.

      Also, Fortune is cast on the unit of Wraithguard. The check that needs to be made isnt "is he an Eldar?" The check is "is he part of the unit I cast Fortune on?" Yes he was, therefore he gains the benefit of Fortune.

      The FAQ states that DE units cannot be the target of Fortune, but you do not target individual models with Fortune but entire units. Because the baron is part of the unit being targeted, he gains the benefit.


    2. uhm, no. The FAQ does not state that DE units cannot be the target of Fortune. It states that DE do not count as Eldar for the psychic power.

      Only Eldar benefit from the psychic power as stated in the Eldar codex. A unit of Wraithguard with attached Baron counts as a mixed race unit of Eldar and Dark Eldar. Can you cast any psychic power at all on them since they are both?

      I don't know where that logic comes from that when an IC joins a unit, it's like he doesn't exist at all, or that his profile does not exist any more as Nick thinks. E.g. to proof it is the other way round. You attach a Space marine caption without upgrades to a unit of Assault marines. You can't move them 12" since the Ic does not have a jump pack, even though he is part of the unit for all rule purposes. He still has his own profile and rules.

      I know this is a controversial topic. But a re-rollable 2++ is ridiculous and has no place in this game.

    3. This is quite an interesting point you have brought up here but i think the baron can still be affected by fortune. And here is why:

      FAQ eldar
      Q: Do Dark Eldar allies count as Eldar for the Farseer psychic
      powers Fortune and Guide? (p28)
      A: No.

      Eldar Codex p.28
      fortune: Nominate one eldar unit with a model with a model within 6"

      40K rule book p.3
      '...a lone character is also considered a unit...'

      '...while an idenpendent character is part of a unit, he counts as part of that unit for all rules purposes...'

      So with all these rules interacting what do we have?
      Well as Shadowcl4w says the baron is a unit in his own right when he is alone.
      The fortune power can only be cast upon eldar units.
      When an independent character joins a unit he counts as part of that unit for all rules purposes. So they does not count as two units working together or anything like that.

      So in the Baron and wraithguard argument i believe that the farseer casts fortune upon the wraithguard unit (an eldar unit) and even though the baron isn't an eldar unit, provided he is with the wraithguard he gains the benefits of the power as he counts as the same unit for all rules purposes,. IF the power said 'all eldar models gain a re-roll' that would be different. but rules as written to me at least it says that the baron would get a re-roll.

      What do you guys think?

    4. I was wrong with the wording on the FAQ, you are correct Shadowcl4w, howevery ou are wrongi n your assumption. he is not targeting the Baron with the Fortune psychic powr but the Wraithguard, which by Eldar Codex, he is allowed to do.

      Correct Malduran. I am at work right now so i could not post the BRB quotes as you did. But the pg 39 quote was the one I and Nick were referring to.

      Also Shadowcl4w, you are wrong with the Assault Marine example. You can jump 12'' with the marines. The only requirement you need to fulfill is the coherency requirement. Meaning, you can jump with the Assault Marines up to 12'' provided after they are done moving they are still within coherency of the Captain. This is a very common misconception for people in 6th Ed. There is no restriction to having people move like there was in 5th. No clause that says, "the unit must move as fast as the slowest model."

      The same thing goes wih jetbikes and a jumpack character like the Baron. The jetbikes can Turbo Boost or do their Assault move provided that after the move the Baron is still in unit coherency with them.

      But Malduran is correct in his rules quotes, the explanation, and the use of Fortune. he targetst he Wraithguard, who is an Eldar unit. The Baron is attached and becomes part of the unit for all intents and purposes (pg 39). Because the Baron was not directly targeted, he benefits because he is within a unit that has Fortune.

    5. endless discussion =) everyone got their point of few and has arguments for it. But I think that we can all agree that they way you play it, it's not the way meant to be played ... I'm pretty sure that the next faq sorts this exploit out.

      Assault marine example, double check what I wrote, I said you can't move 12", if you did, the IC would be 6" too far away.

      Why are you argumenting in the case of the baron that it doesn't matter what he is, but on the other hand, you agree with me that an Ic stays the way he is with his drawbacks and everything (assault marine & IC) ?

      And who said that a wraithguard unit with an attached Baron stays an Eldar unit ? It consists of 2 unit, 50% Eldar Wraithlord, 50% DE baron. We could assume that it's an Dark eldar unit too. It's not clear what it is. You just assume that it becomes an Eldar unit, and this has nothing to do with page 39 that for all rule purposes he counts as being part of the unit. He may count as part of the unit, but that still doesn't make him an Eldar or makes him lose all his abilities.

      You target the Wraithguard, and there is the first problem, is it an Eldar unit ? or Dark Eldar ? or a mixed force ? If it is a mixed force, does it count as Eldar or Dark Eldar, both or none of them ? Can it be targeted by a force which only should target one of the races ? We just don't know.

      My assumption is not wrong Yeeman, but we are individuals which see the same facts and come to different conclusions. But I'd like to know, do you really see it the way you type it, or is only the powergamer who tries to justify the a 2++ rerollable ? I don't know you, so this is a serious question and I'd like to know your answer :)

    6. uhm, I think that we just solved this ... You like to argue that he becomes part of the unit for all rule purposes (movement rule, shooting rule and so on) But the psychic power is not a rule, it's an ability which says that the Eldar unit, not him, can reroll saves.

    7. You are right it is an endless discussion, and i can see your points against it. I guess all we can do is ask GW and hope for an FAQ answer.

      Now my next question, if a tau independent character joined an eldar unit, would he get the re-roll as the faq does not state that tau have the same restriction :p

    8. Obviously we cannot all agree that it should be played the way you think it should be played, because there is an obvious disagreement.

      if you read pg 39, it explains the Ic and becomign part of the unit thing. I cant make you read it, but it is in there and whether you choose to read it is up to you. He becomes part of the Eldar unit, end of story, it clearly says that. It doesn't say they become a mixed unit.

      You target the Eldar unit because you cannot target the Baron with the power as per the Eldar Codex. Since the Baron is part of the unit, yes it is an Eldar unit, he benefits.

      Yes I do see this as i have said it. I play with the rules we are given. i dont try and discern intent or anything of the sort because that leads to anything. if you play with what is written than I don't see a reason for it to be wrong.

    9. @Yeeman

      You do not play the rules you are given, why do you only quote half of your favourite line now ? "While an Independent Character is part of a unit, he counts as part of the unit for all rules purposes, though ..."

      So he does not count as part of the unit for the Eldar psychic power, as it is an ability and not a rule. He counts as part of the unit for everything explained in the rule book.

      And I think we cannot all agree that it should be played the way you think it should be played. And that's fine. But we've sorted out this problem.

      @ Malduran, well ^^ the rulebook on page 39 explains it, the Tau is not part of the unit for ability purposes, so he can't reroll =)

    10. What about page 112
      Battle brothers: are counted as being friendly units for the targeting of psychic powers, abilities and so on?

    11. nice find Malduran!

      imo targeting is not the problem here, as the psychic power works as intended that it targets the eldar unit, in this case the wraithguard. It's great that the Baron is counted as a friendly unit, but that does not make him an eldar for targeting purposes. And the FAQ states that Dark Eldar are not meant and hence do not benefit.

    12. Like I said Shadow, you are the one only picking parts that support your argument. Read ALL of pg 39, not just snippits that you hope will help your faulty argument.

      The Eldar codex states:
      "Nominate one eldar unit with a model within 6" of the Farseer. This unit re-rolls any failed saves it makes until the start of the next eldar turn."

      I have access to my BRB so I'll try to walk you through this:

      Pg 39 BRB: Independent Characters and Ongoing Effects.. "Sometimes a unit that an Independent Character has joined will be the target of a beneficial or harmful effect such as Blind...."

      Replace Blind or Soul Blaze (the example used) with Fortune. Fortune is an ongoing EFFECT which would confer to the Baron.

      So you cast Fortune with the Baron attached to the Wraithguard. The Wraithguard are valid unit to cast Fortune on as they are an Eldar unit. The Baron, being an IC, will benefit from Fortune as well becuase it is an ongoing effect for the entire Game Turn. The Baron is not being targeted, the Wraithguard are. The Baron is part of the Wraithguard unit so he will benefit as well.

      If you want to argue past this point, I can't help you and it will be hopeless. I can only quote so many rules and lay it out so simply. If you still disagree about it, that is your fault and you must have a personal vendetta against the ruling. So be it.

      I will not keep clogging up Malduran's blog with unneccessary arguments that are clear in the BRB. So good luck with your crusade to end the 40k universe of a perfectly good rule.

      Malduran... Keep up the good work my man!

  4. Congrats on the victory! Not much to say here. For not knowing what to do, you knew what to do!

    I agree on Outflanking the Walkers with Cannons and Reserving the Laser ones. DSing the Warp Spiders was also very nice. I couldn't argue with any of these moves.

    A couple things though as far as shooting and target priority. I would shoot with the Wraithguard first at a vehicle as they are more likely to kill one. A couple of times you used them as clean up, when they are the ones that should do the heavy lifting. Then the Ravager can shoot and blow things up. Then if there is a stray HP left or something, use the Blasters. With my DE I always try and take what is given to me rather than stretching out and getting greedy.

    Knowing I have 3 units coming in from reserve (2 of which are fragile Walkers) I probably would have dedicated the Venom shots at the Quad Gun just to take it out of commission early. This would have saved some Walkers and a couple Warp Spiders. Plus the people inside can still punish the Boyz (who the Venoms shot at) and still deal some good casualties to them.

    I agree on challenging the Mega Nobz but I would not have done so with the Baron. I would have done it with the Warlock. The Warlocks conceal is useless in this game as he has no low AP weapons so you wont need cover from them. Plus, he does still have 4++ rerollable. Chances are the lock will die, but it is an acceptable loss. I would have used the Baron to tank ALL of the Mega Nobs wounds on his 2++ rerollable minimizing the casualties by a vast margin on the Wraithguard. Then you Hit and run away and you end up with more Wraithguard on your squad.

    Question: Do you like Guide more than Doom? To me Doom is more of a game changer as it can effect multiple units and with Venoms, it can be quite devastating. Just a thought. Guide does help a lot with fliers and having TL'd Wraithcannons is devastating!

    Good job on the Bat Rep, I very much enjoy them! Also congrats on a win against a tournament Ork list!


    1. Thanks YEE but once again you are right (it's getting to be a hobbit of your's) i may have shot things in the wrong order, while it didn't change things much this game i can see if being an issue if the future.

      About the quad gun, i have never played again one before, and i totally forgot that it had interceptor and what that could do. So that was my bad, especially the second time with the walker, but u had little choice about what side it out flanked.

      The challenge, if i used the warlock i guess you are right, but i just like having the warlock just in case anything goes wrong. But if hte baron did take the hits from the nobz, that would have been better. I need to remember stupid rules like that which can save me from dying.

      I take guide mainly to help out the scatter war walkers as bs 3 is not very reliable, even with a million shots. Granted i decided to use the war walkers differently this game which was almost successful so i guess the points where wasted a little bit. While i do like doom when ever i take it it seems to be less useful than guide. with the war walkers they are wounding on 2's most of the time so the re roll to wound is wasted but a re roll to hit is great for them. You are right about it helping multiple units though, maybe i will try it out for a game or two and see how i feel.

    2. There are definite benefits to using both. You are a little weak on Flier Defense and the Wraithguard could definately help that with Guide.

      To me though, Doom I think takes it because being able to reroll those 4-5 misses from each venom to rab another 2-3 Wounds on a unit is so brutal. Plus, if going against anything with multiple wounds or a squad like Nobs or Pallys, imagine rerolling the Wraith Cannons? Yes, you wound on 2+, but reroll all non 6's because those cause instant death!

      But Guide is very nice for things like the Walkers as well. Again, I see validity in using both, but I am a bit bias towards Doom it seems.

    3. Fortune reads as follows (cutting the fluff) "Nominate one eldar unit with a model within 6" of the Farseer. This unit re-rolls any failed saves it makes untill the start of the next eldar turn." The IC section pg 39 BRB reads "While an independant character is part of a unit, he counts as part of the unit for all rules purposes, though he still follows the rules for characters." Additionally further along on the same page "Independant characters and ongoing effects" Explains quite clearly exactly what happens to an IC that is joined with a unit that is targeted by a psyker ability (the example is soul blaze).

      FURTHERMORE the FAQ Errata quote in question reads as follows "Q:Do Dark Eldar allies count as Eldar for the Farseer psychic powers Fortune and Guide? A:No" so RAW this only reads that you cannot cast Fortune on units of Dark Eldar becasue they are not Eldar. This does effect a DE (or tau) IC model inside a unit of eldar that receives the Fortune ability becausue It is cast on a unit of eldar and becomes an ongoing ability that effects the entire unit (just like Soul Blaze) until the beginning of the next Eldar turn. Seriously its pretty cut and dry.... just read all of the words presented clearly and thoroughly.

    4. OH! Geez... I did not see this comment here. Well I reiterated it above in essentially the same way you did here Anon.

      Glad i am not the only one here that knows the rules! Cheers!

  5. 2nd paragraph 3rd sentence should read "This DOESN'T effect" Boy hell of a spot for a typo....maybe I should work for

  6. Very nice comprehensive batrep! Enjoyed it. Thank you

    1. Thank you for your comment DimmyK, its always good hearing people enjoy the reports.