Sunday 10 February 2013

Weekly Round-Up

The weekly round up is a collection of articles that i have found through out the week that i believe are worthy of being collected into one place for you all to view again. So click to see what i have this week for you..

Army: Dark future games show off this very dark and bloody word bearer chaos space marines. Word bearers have always been one of my favorite chaos marines and these do them great justice.

Army: Death or Glory shows off a beautifully painted renegade guard army and talks to its owner. This just looks amazing and really makes me want to get my ass into gear with my guard.

Painting: The dark Templar presents us with his nurgle forgefiend. Just boss dude, it looks great.

Painting: Tale of painters shows off some old school genestealers. It really does bring back some memories.

Painting: The Mandulian Chapel has a chaos sorcerer and marines with a very different paint scheme so they can ally with daemons. It works, if you just told me about it i probably would have laughed at you.

Objectives: IDICBeer once again shows off some laser cut things... this time its objectives. I gotta get me some laser cut stuff.

Specialist: Epic addiction once more has something that doesn't get any where near enough attention, this time its necromunda. just a few pics put i'm all for supporting the specialist games.

Well not quite what i would have expected, very few battle reports this week but a lot of armies and painting. Sorry for the late post.