Wednesday 2 October 2013

Renegade Guard squad 1 completed

Finally i have finished my first unit for my Renegade guard army. Its just a simple infantry squad but for now i think its a good start. It took a lot longer than i expected but such is life. I am starting on my second squad shortly but i still have a few eldar units that need to be finished.

These are a few more pics of the squad. I am quite happy with how they have turned out even though i had to change the way i painted them half way though to speed up the painting process.

The heavy weapon team, i have done it slightly differently to normal. I know i have seen this done before (can't remember where) and think its a great idea. This allows me a very simple way to keep track of wounds and also if i don't want to use a heavy weapon squad i get an extra guardsman to throw into a squad.

And finally the other specialists in the squad, the plasma gunner, sergeant and vox caster. The more i see the sergeant the more i like him, i know he doesn't fit it with the theme but all i'm going to say is he was a traitor to the guard and joined the ranks of chaos... deal with it.

And that's a quick painting update. Let me know what you think about the boys.


  1. Great squad, very effective paint scheme, where's the sergeants head from? I've seen it used before but never found out what kit it's from

    1. Its from the Marauder box, just an unhelmeted head i think.

  2. Looks great man! Definitely looking forward to seeing more of 'em!

  3. Really good colour scheme you've got there! The Champion stands out nicely due to his bare arms and the unhooded head. Great job!