Tuesday 7 January 2014

Evolving list: Back to Basics (No lord of war)

With my Lynx running rampant on the battle field it has made me want to take a step back and go back to a normal list, not using a lord of war. I am very aware that people will still be using them in battle, meaning that I have to prepare my force to take on a super-heavy should one appear.

In my gaming circle the a few lords of war have appeared already, and it’s only a matter of time before even more start to creep in. That means I’m going to have to have enough high strength weapons to take them out in hopefully 2 turns, because any more and I am going to be in trouble. That is hard to do when you’re not using a lord yourself. But I have always been up for a challenge, so let’s see what I can come up with.

Eldar 1500

Farseer – 115

3 Jetbikes – 61
Shuriken cannon

3 Jetbikes – 61
Shuriken cannon

5 Dire Avengers – 65
Wave Serpent – 145
Holo field, twin-linked scatter laser, shuriken cannon

5 Fire Dragons – 110
Wave Serpent – 145
Holo field, twin-linked scatter laser, shuriken cannon

8 Warp spiders – 152

6 Swooping Hawks – 96

Crimson Hunter – 160

Fire Prism – 140
Holo field

WraithKnight – 240
Heavy D-Cannon

This list is based on my previous lists at its core, meaning the farseer, bikes, hawks, warp spiders and fire prism. Those units always seem to be the core force I play with and the rest of the army changes slightly each game. So that’s where I started. Next I wanted to add in another troops choice as only having 2 is risky (3 is still risky as well) so I originally added in 5 wraithguard, but after I built the army they were too expensive and I had to drop them and a spiritseer (to make them troops) and exchanged them for dire avengers and some fire dragons. Similar roles, but it changes the list greatly.

I added a crimson hunter to the list as not many super-heavies have access to skyfire, so that gives it an advantage over them, and I need every advantage that I can get. Plus 4 strength 8 shots is nothing to ignore, making it quite a threat even if they don’t bring a lord. It’s a similar reason why I brought the wraithknight, provided they don’t have a strength D weapon he will face off against the lord if he can and attempt to charge it turn 2, while my force can put out some long range fire power I though a wraithknight charging into a super-heavy will be able to take out a couple of hull points, especially as it has hammer of wraith at strength 10, and his attacks are ap 2. Provided the knight hits, he should get 3 or 4 pens a turn, and hopefully they will roll an explosion result to finish it off (provided it has 9 or less hull points). Against a stompa I don’t know if that will work, but we shall see.

In this list my troops are very weak, so I have to be careful not to put them in harm’s way, the dire avengers might start the game hidden in terrain allowing their wave serpent to go about killing what deals to be killed. I am hoping that the rest of my force is scary enough to distract my opponents, but I doubt it, so 1 bike unit goes into reserve.

Something that has come into my mind while writing this, I could add in Inquisitor Coteaz for 100 points allowing me to re-roll steal the initiative if I am against a lord of war, increasing my chance of killing it before I can devastate my army. Maybe in the future, but it doesn’t quite feel right. Lets just see how the list does first before I say no.

What do you guys think of the list? Will it do ok? Or will it crash and burn?

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  1. I think the list definitely has a lot of potential. You have the Wraithknight, Swooping Hawks, Crimson Hunter, Fire Dragons and Fire Prism as notable threats that Superheavy vehicles need dealt with. That is probably too many for a 1500 list to handle in only a turn or two. I don't think vehicles will be an issue. Gargantuan Creatures might hurt and the enemy might be able to take you afterward if you're in a bad position after smoking the Baneblade (or what have you) but the Superheavy won't be the issue imo.