Tuesday 4 March 2014

Back In Action

Well February is now over and I’m back to my old schedule, it was nice having a bit of a break from the blog but it’s time to get back to it. I know I had some grant plans to do to it but none of that came to fruition as quickly as I wanted so we still have the same old blog for now.  

While I was away I played a lot of 40k, so I have the new few weeks of battle reports ready, i have made a start on my guard again so that when the new codex comes out I will be able to play a small force of painted guardsmen. That’s the plan anyway, the only issues is that if any of the units change in any significant way I might be up a creak without a paddle, so I am making some allowances to hopefully future proof the guard. The first thing is for my veteran squad I will only add in 2 special weapons instead of 3, I can see them making it 1 per 5 models, it might not happen but it’s something I think they might do. I have heard rumours they might be axing the rough riders, I hope that isn’t true as I made a somewhat bad mock-up of one which I will show you guys later. But I am thinking of putting a hold on that if they do remove them from the codex. I would have said it was rubbish but with the Nidd ex having so many things cut, it makes the rumour a little more likely.

In a poor attempt to push my painting a little more each month I will introduce a monthly painting challenge, I will have a collection of models what need to be painted and attempt to paint them in a month. This is somewhat similar to what I saw Facing the grey tide do not so long ago and would like to emulate it, and I would urge any of you guys with a pile of unpainted models to have a go with me. It would be good to see a few armies get more paint on the table, so one must lead by example.

Starting April I will be introducing themes as well each month, as a little sneak peak, April will be Terrain Month, in an attempt to improve my terrain collection and hopefully improve the battle field I regularly play on.  Each month should be varied I hope, so you guys don’t lose interest and it will probably just take over the Tuesday post, leaving Fridays to carry on being Battle Report day. As I know that’s what most people come to my blog to see.

Just before I go I would like to thank Mr Daniel Grundy for his rather kind donation to the skulkers surprise cause and contacting me about some old 2nd edition nids, I will show this off in the future after I have had some time to strip the models down. But if anyone else has any Old nids they would like to donate to the Skulkers Surprise Nid force, feel free to contact me, the little gribblies need reinforcements!!!

See you all Friday for Eldar vs Deathguard in a rather different table to normal. 

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  1. I've got loads of my Eldar still needing to get painted.
    I will join your quest fine sir :)