Tuesday 18 March 2014

Painting challange: March 2014

With the Imperial Guard codex rapidly approaching I thought it was about time that I got my ass into gear and started painting my traitor guard. I regret saying ages ago that I wouldn’t play with them until they are painted, but that's what I have to stick too now. Here are my aims for this month.

I know I am rather late on the whole month challenge, but I have been painting, I just haven’t posted about it yet. What I my aim for this month is:
·         Paint 10 infantry men
·         Paint Company command squad
·         Paint Chimera
·         Build second Chimera

While the last one isn’t exactly painting, I want to get it ready for next month. And if by some miracle I get everything done early, I might start it. The infantry squad has been sitting around primed for quite a while now and deserves to get finished off. If I get all this done by the end of the month I will have approximately 300 points, not great, but at least if I use them as veterans until I make my vets I can do a tiny game.

Anyway this is what I have got done so far, I have started on the company command, I have just finished off the cloth material, need to move onto the armour.

With the infantry they are further along the way, they need a few more bits and bobs done then I can base them and they will hopefully be looking good.

What do you guys think?

So far just one person has joined in the monthly painting challenge, Leyzer, and for that he needs a little more of a following. He’s currently getting ready for a combat patrol tournament and is painting his eldar this month. So click here to see his blog, its rather good.

Is anyone else interested in joining in the monthly painting challenge? If you are I would be more than happy to share with everyone else what you are painting and try and get a little bit more traffic your way.

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  1. I will definitely be participating in this painting challenge! Hopefully I'll have a post up soon about it at http://wayofthedice.blogspot.ca/