Thursday 15 December 2011

From failure to failure... Learning from past mistakes.

Over the series of my battle reports I have put learning points at the end of them as a way for me to hope fully improve my game/army list. However I haven’t really taken any notice of it. So today, I shall look over them all and see what I can create. This way I can start on my road to victory.

So where to begin.
Game 1 vs. high elves 1500
·         Chariots manage to kill a dragon, but are bad on the flank, put them in the middle.
·         Keep low leadership goblins in the generals range,
·         always take a rock lobba or a doom diver
·         Never take 3 low lever l shamans again. Take a lvl 4

Game 2 vs. tomb kings 1500

·         Boar boys are expensive and I’m going to stop using them for a bit.
·         The two Doom divers were a bit lacklustre.
·         Finally I don’t want to use a caster as a general again.

Game 3 vs. high elves 2000
·         Having the backup shaman was defiantly a great idea
·         I will have to try out the chariots and manger spider again to see what I feel it can do.
·         If nothing else the musician would have helped the goblin

Game 4 vs. high elves 2250

·         The savages did ok but I feel I misused them,
·         The Arachnarok spider does deal damage but did seem a waste of points being stuck in the middle of two combats with no place to go. So I will place it on a flank next time
·         When fleeing make sure it worth it first and won’t cost you a whole flank
·         The wolf chariots... I don’t have a clue, I have never used them in a squad before and was looking forward to seeing how they did but as they ran I have no clue... try them again and see me thinks?
·         Feedback scroll

So from those 4 games I’m going to make a new army list. So the major points are, use chariots to see how they work. I’m thinking a grouped of goblin wolf ones. Take 2 great shamans, take a feedback scroll, give goblin blocks musicians and take a rock lobber.

So with this in mind, this is my 2250 army list, what do you think?

Savage orc great shaman – 290 w/savage orcs
Lvl 4, lucky shrunken head, fencer’s blades

Night goblin great shaman – 140
Lvl 3

Black orc Bigboss – 120 w/ orcs
Armour of endurance (general)

Orc Bigboss – 129 w/ orcs
Armour of silvered steal, bsb, great weapon

Night goblin big boss – 34 w/ nigh goblins
Great weapon

39 savage orcs – 371
Standard, musician, 2 x choopa

38 Big uns – 362
Standard, musician, 2 x choppa

43 night goblins – 184
Musician, nets

2 goblin wolf chariots – 100

Rock lobber – 85

Arachnarok spider – 290

Doom Diver – 80

Mangler spider - 65

2250 exactly.

Basic idea of the army is to use the goblins to hold the scariest enemy unit while my orcs hopefully pound on the rest of the enemy with help of the wolf chariots. The Arachnarok spider will go on a flank and hopefully be useful there. The mangler spider will just run round either dealing damage or distracting my enemy for a turn. Either way for 65 points he’s going to do something useful. Unfortunately it will probably end up going against high elves next so nothing new there. I will try to get a bit more variation for you but I can’t promise unfortunately.

Please leave some comments on my army list so I can get some feedback.

Enjoy, Malduran.

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