Friday 9 December 2011

Slaughter in the morning... OnG vs High elves 2250

Finally got round to doing this again... after a very long brake I have finally started to record my games. This time round I’m going to take it a bit more seriously and actually make an army list that can take on armies and win, loosing all the time does get old really quickly. My aim is to get my army painted to a reasonable standard so in the new year I can go to my local Games workshop and try to get a bit more of a variety for you guys (all 3 of you) who read this. Regardless this is my new game...
We rolled on the table and got dawn attack, and this game is at 2250 points so there we have it, you know what’s going on. I decided that this game I would change my army up a little so I can see how different units interact. So it’s a little different from the norm.

Orcs and Goblins 2250

Black orc warboss – 255 w/ Orc Big uns

Heavy armour, trickster’s helm, talisman of preservation

Savage orc Great shaman – 290 w/ Savage Orc boyz
Level 4 (foot of gork, ere we go, fists of gork, signature spell) fencers blades, shrunken heads

Black orc bigboss – 135 w/Savage Orc boyz
Bsb, enchanted shield, opal amulet

Night Goblin shaman – 135 w/ night goblins
Lvl 2 (gift of the spider god, itchy nuisance), feedback scroll

Night Goblin bigboss – 34 w/ night goblins
Great weapon

40 Orc big uns – 380
Standard, musician, additional hand weapon

24 savage orc boyz – 218
Standard, musician, additional hand weapon

58 night goblins – 174

5 goblin spider riders - 65

5 goblin spider riders - 65

2 wolf chariots – 100

Rock lobber – 85

Arachnarok spider – 290

With this army I was hoping to just use the goblins to hold the biggest, scariest enemy unit while my boys bash in the rest of the army. I was expecting to come across a dragon and Teclis so though I would use a feed back scroll to try and kill him unexpectedly. To deal with the dragon I want to hit it with my chariots and rock lobber if possible. So with that in mind here is the elf army.
High elves 2250 (I don’t know all of the points this time round, so I only have what he played with, with out magic items)

Prince Tyrion w/ silver helms

Noble battle standard bearer  w/ dragon princes

Noble w/ dragon princes

Mage w/ spearmen
Lvl2, lore of the beasts

8 silver helms

27 spearmen

27 spearmen

19 sea guard

12 sword masters of hoeth

5 dragon princes

So that’s the elven army I would face... not what I expected at all. A more aggressive stance, using teclis’s brother Tyrion. That was a surprise. From what I am aware, he is very combat guy which I have to be aware of. The rest seemed quite standard and will die to a choppa to the head as much as every one else.
Rolling for unite positions we mainly ended up with most of our guys to one side of the board. High elves get first turn so here we go

High elves turn 1
So the game begins. The dragon princes declare a charge on the spider riders on my right side of the board and I panic thinking they will overrun into the wolf chariots of they hold to declare to flee. Thinking I am a tactical genius this stalls the dragon prices who moved forwards a fraction of their movement. The rest of the movement phase consists of Prince Tyrion and his silver helms going full pelt towards my lines while the rest of his army slowly moves forwards.
Magic phase and with no Teclis on his side I’m feeling quite happy with myself. He casts a boosted amber spear at the savage orcs with 6 dice but doesn’t get irresistible force. I let it go through anyway but use my feedback scroll in an attempt to kill the mage right away. Rolling 6 dice like he did I manage to roll just one pathetic 5... I was rather hoping to get his out the way right now but never mind... only 50 points wasted. Stupid dice. Anyway back to the spear and it inflicts 2 wounds on the savage orcs until it was stopped by the magic war paint.
Shooting and the sea guard open up on the savages and somehow manage to down 3 of the poor boys. This war paint doesn’t seem to be doing its job yet.

Orcs and Goblins turn 1
Starting with my animosity all the boys behave apart from my big uns, who get 4 boyz killed for pissing off the Black orc warboss. Now this turns movement showed how bad I truly am at this game, it’s just appalling looking at it now. No charges declared so onto compulsory and attempting to rally my goblin spider riders... who fail. No big deal really but they then flee into the wolf chariots who flee as well thanks to my amazing placement outside of the LD bubble so they flee off the table. So I’m 165 points down already thanks to one bad charge reaction. Never mind onwards regardless.  The remaining spider riders move to distract the sword masters while the orcs all move forwards slowly to minimise charge damage. Why I wasn’t offensive I don’t know...The night goblins move within 8 inches of the silver helms to release their fanatic who punches through their lines killing two of them. IT made me feel a little better.
Magic, and knowing I was only up against a level 2 mage, I felt very confident. Only rolling 3 for magic I attempted to cast foot of gork on the spearmen on my right flank as I was now very week that side of the board. Dispel scroll. Well then that was that then.
Shooting and targeting the same squad as the foot the rock lobber scatters only killing 1 spearman. This was a good first turn....

Elves turn 2
Charges declared with the sword masters charge the spiders, silver helms on the big uns. The rest of this army just shuffles forwards attempting to get into a better position. I am a little concerned with that Tyrion might do to me here but I should be able to deal damage to the silver helms.

Magic and another low roll on the winds of magic, attempting to cast wild form on the silver helms to save then he fails to roll enough. End of magic phase.
The sea guard open on the savages again but luckily for me the war paint starts to work saving the 2 wounds he inflicted.
Combat and Tyrion issues a challenge... now a smart man would have had a unit champ to accept it but I have been called many things but smart has never been one so I accepted with my lord. After all what self respecting orc would shy away from an elf? Tyrion opens up unleashing his breath weapon attack from his sword which inflicts 6 hits and 1 gets though. Followed by Tyrions attacks I expect to be dead but thanks to the trickster’s helm half of them fail to wound (gotta love those 1’s) and the ward save shines though saving him. The horse does nothing. Attacking back with the additional choppa (again bad move, I though the extra attack would be more useful than the extra armour reduction... I was wrong) and I do nothing back. The silver helms inflict 7 wounds onto the orcs with help from their steeds but take 6 wounds in return. This leaves little old Tyrion on his loan some. He stays regardless. The sword master combat and as expected they slaughter the spiders but only overrun 2 inches leaving them open to be charged by the night goblins next turn.

Orc turn 2
Animosity once again plays up and the black orc Bigboss has to kill 3 savage orcs to get the mob back into order. The night goblins charge into the sword masters and the savages attempt to charge the spearmen in front of them but fail only rolling 5 for charge distance leaving them 2” short. Such is life I guess; let’s see how they hold up against the combined charges from the high elves next turn. The Arachnarok spider mulls about as it’s trapped between two combats now with nowhere to really go... that was a major positioning flaw on my behalf. Big waste of points... well done Mal.
Magic and the savage orc shaman attempts to cast foot of gork on the spearmen on the right flank which gets though and locks on! Time for some pain, it kills 12 of the spearmen who then flee from the carnage despite the re-roll form the BSB.
Shooting and the lobber targets the other unit of spearmen on the left side of the board and kills 5 with its almighty rock. The forest goblins on the spider target them as well and somehow manage to take 1 down!! Get in lads.
Combat and the sword masters kill and impressive 12 night goblins and take 2 casualties in return. Good odds so far, but loosing the combat I check to see if my general is in range. He’s not, when me moves for the challenge he moves and inch out of range of the goblins, I start to panic if they will stay, steadfast or not. With only LD 6 on the Bigboss leading them I roll and manage to get a 5! Gork must love me for that roll. The sword masters are now bogged down. Back to the challenge and Tyrion once again fails to do any damage thanks to a combination of the trickster’s helm and talisman of preservation. Unfortunately I also fail so it comes down to me winning with static combat resolution but he still refuses to flee. Damn his high leadership.

Elves turn 3
 The spearmen on the left charge in to help out Tyrion, while the dragon princes and sea guard both charge into the savage orcs. This will be one hell of a test for them. The spearmen who fled manage to rally.
Magic and once again wild form is attempted but shut down thanks to my level 4 shaman.
Combat and again true to form the sword masters manage to kill 12 of the night goblins but this time take 3 casualties back as the goblins realise they need to make more of an effort or they will die. Unfortunately I wasn’t as lucky this time around with the leadership test and the goblins flee past the Arachnarok leaving it to get overrun into by the sword masters. Tyrion this time managed to wound my lord 4 times but thanks to some high ward save rolls 2 are stopped. My warboss tired and bloody is refusing to give up and actually manages to deal his first wound of Tyrion. The spearmen attempting to come to the aid of Tyrion inflict 3 wounds on the big uns but for their trouble take 4 casualties back and the mage gets his head kicked in my a unhappy boy. The combat is won by the elves this turn though and with less ranks then the pointy ears I have no steadfast. Rolling on LD 8 I stay regardless. In the savage orc combat an elf issues a challenge, and being a crazy mother fucker my savage orc shaman accepts it, taking 2 wounds but inflicting one back. In the combined flurry of dragons and sea guard the savages take 5 losses but manage to kill 3 sea guard and 3 dragon princes as well. Gotta love the amount of attacks these guys pump out. I lose the combat regardless as I have been charges in my flank so loosing frenzy I stay with a low roll (and reroll in case you were wondering).

Orc turn 3
With no movement but the night goblins rallying, it was straight to magic, nice and short turns huzzah! With an immense rill of 11 the winds of magic finally start to blow strong in my favour. To start with the great shaman attempts to cast ere we go and gets a good old double 6... Miscast. I roll a 5 so place the small template over him and kill the final dragon princes and the hero in the challenge with the shaman and 5 savage orc boys. The shaman in the middle of this however is fine thanks to his ward save. Then I lose 5 of my remaining dice leaving me with 1...
Straight to combat and the sword masters deal 3 wounds to the Arachnarok spider but take 6 wounds in return making the sword masters run and the last remaining one manages to escape.  Back to the Tyrion fight and the prince finally gets the best of my warboss managing to slip one final wound past his defences. Quite a blow but it’s what I expected a lot sooner to be honest. The elf spearmen deal 4 lucky wounds to the big uns and only take 2 in return. After such a terrible round of combat the big uns run for their lives but get cut down for their efforts. In the savage orc combat the elf BSB issues a challenge to which my BSB roars his acceptance and beats the elf into submission with his great axe taking no damage. Stupid elf. The sea guard deal no wounds to the savages and take a wound in return leaving the combat drawn. The savage orcs boys then fail to reform. That’s going to cost them.

Elf turn 4
Tyrion charges into the rock lobber destroying it with ease. The spearmen move towards the battle with the savage orcs.
Combat and the sea guard kill 4 orcs and the savage orcs fail to inflict any damage back. With such insurmountable odds the savages flee leaving the battle standard bearer to be cut down.

Orc turn 4
The Arachnarok spider reforms to face the remaining elf army and the night goblins reforming to do the same it was straight to magic.
The night goblin shaman casts gift of the spider god on his unit to deter any would be attackers.
Shooting and the forest goblins on the spider shoot killing two sea guard.

Elf turn 5
The sea guard open up on the Arachnarok spider in a last ditch hope to do any damage before it hits them and manage to deal a staggering 3 wounds to it!!! I was surprised to say the least.

Orc turn 5
The spider charges and kills the sea guard over running into the spearmen, while the nigh goblins move towards the remaining elves.

Elf turn 6
Tyrion charges the spider killing it while the spearmen charge the night goblins who deal enough damage to the spearmen to make them flee.

Orc 6

Learning points
Well that was an interesting one I must say
·         The savages did ok but I feel I misused them, allowing them to get combine charged was defiantly bad on my half so I will try them again in my next game and see if they do better than the trolls (as that’s who they replaced). The ward save is nice but not great.
·         The Arachnarok spider does deal damage but did seem a waste of points being stuck in the middle of two combats with no place to go. So I will place it on a flank next time and see if it’s any better there. Also a point to note is that he hates high strength attacks form dicks like Tyrion.... just saying.
·         When fleeing make sure it worth it first and won’t cost you a whole flank
·         The wolf chariots... I don’t have a clue, I have never used them in a squad before and was looking forward to seeing how they did but as they ran I have no clue... try them again and see me thinks?
·         I differed from my norm here and had a lvl 2 goblin shaman and a lord character this time instead of my two lord mages. It kind worked this game as he shaman didn’t explode first turn but it also meant the goblin didn’t have access to many spells. Over all I think it worked ok and the extra damage could have been good if the warboss wasn’t stuck playing hold up Tyrion all game. I might try it again but with a cheaper fighting lord as I can free up some points as my army seemed really small.
·         Feedback scroll... 50 points? Little much but I will try it a game or two more to try and kill a mage. Only then will I be happy.

So there you have it folks a new battle report, I hope you liked it.

Enjoy Malduran.  

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