Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New start... almost

I know, I know, I haven’t posted anything in ages... well suck it. I’m getting round to it. As I haven’t had many games of late I have gotten board and started tinkering around with other projects such as getting my gaming board looking good coz as you can see from previous battle reports its looking totally shit. But what I have done here is started making it look better. 
With a new spray of paint and some new flock and a bit of static grass to make it look pretty and this is what I have come up with. Well what do you think? I still have two more boards to do to match so it looks ok together but I think it’s a good start. Thanks to my girlfriend who helped me make it.

But that’s not all, I have been tinkering around with these two pieces of terrain, the watchtower, and my temple of khorne. Now the watch tower is quite important as it’s crucial in one of the basic scenarios and also looks quite good for GW (games workshop) buildings which in my opinion look a bit naff. I have kept it simple as GW have a tendency to go overboard with how they put buildings together, seemingly using the mantra ‘if it’s got a gap, fill it with crap’ so in my opinion with just a few choice pieces it can look great. As you can see mine only has the support for the building and what I take it, is a large torch as the side. Looks good I think. I just need to get round to painting it now... i hope i do one day.

Now onto my temple. Its build from 2 arcane ruin sets and I have added a few blood letters to act as statues. Now this is by no means anywhere near completion, my god I haven’t even stuck down all the tiles on it yet. But I just thought I would share it with you none the less. So that’s my small update for today. Hope you guys like it.

Enjoy, Malduran. 

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  1. Really do love the temple and might have to take some of your ideas.