Friday 20 April 2012

Craftworld Dem-Kirath

In a lot of my battle reports I have used my eldar army but only shown the models fleetingly and with out much description. So this week I though I would give you all a bit of a show case of my painted units and a little background. It’s just a small peak, and the more I paint, the more you will see.

My custom eldar army hail from the craftworld Dem-Kirath. A relatively small craftworld, when compared to other more famous vessels but never the less just as potent. The life aboard the ship is strict, stricter than most craftworlds, and militaristic. While this allows the craftworld to field warhosts filled with aspect warriors it does have a down side. Many of the eldar find the strict lifestyle tiresome, longing for life away from the craftworld. While many other craftworlds frown upon wanting to leave the craft world, viewing the eldar who tread the path of the corsair and ranger as untrustworthy, Dem-Kirath acts differently. Following the warrior paths leave little room for scouts, so those who desire to leave the craftworld may become a corsair, using the craftworld as a base to raid from. This provides the craftworld with both information of the areas beyond the craftworld but also allows the craftworld to increase its navy, as the corsairs will inevitably fight to save their home if it comes under attack. Eventuually some of the corsairs desire life once again in the craftworld, and are allowed to integrate back with the rest of the population, simply viewing it as another path to follow.

Now I realise this is similar to the alaitoc background, but I like the idea of it, but instead of a large number becoming rangers, they become eldar pirates who still help out the craftworld. Thats just why I picked that bit of background for my army. Anyway onto the pics...

First up is my Autarch. He was originally just the stock model with wings I stole from a swooping hawk, but after a number of unfortunate events the parts couldn’t be glued back together as they were mangled in too many places. This left me with a choice, get a new model (costs money, boo hiss) or convert him... so with the back pack from a warp spider and a new arm here is the W.I.P of him.

Next is my Farseer who I still have yet to base, not sure why. I'm just lazy I guess.   

Dire avengers



War Walker

One of my vypers

Well that will do for now, just a pics and a bit of filler. Sorry that the posts the last two weeks have been a little poor, but hopefully they will improve sooner rather than later.

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