Friday 6 April 2012

Into the jaws of the wolf... Eldar vs Space wolves 750

The Eldar take on the space wolves in a 750 point skirmish in a spearhead annihilation game. We didn’t have much time this week so that’s why we have such a small game. A refreshing change of pace.

I don’t play such small games very often so it was quite refreshing to have a little game against space wolves, an army I haven’t played in quite some time. The reason for this was my girlfriend wanted a quick game and I was more than happy to oblige. Creating an army list of only 750 points was quite challenging however, as with eldar, as I'm sure you have realised over my last few battle reports, I enjoy taking a few tanks to transport my aspect warriors. At first when designing my list I tried what I normally do, Farseer, wave serpents, but that ended up with me having only a handful of models on the table. So the thought occurred to me, an army entirely on foot (Footdar), hoping that with a larger number of models I could have more of a chance to kill the wolves. So here is the list I ended up with:

Avatar – 155

16 Guardians – 183
Scatter laser, warlock, conceal

10 Dire avengers – 120

8 Fire dragons – 128

8 Howling Banshees – 128

War walker – 40

Eldar deployment

So when I made this army list I didn’t have any real idea how the components would work well together. It had the components to deal with everything (in theory) but they were very slow and easily targetable. I just hope I don’t come across a large number of vehicles. Anyway, here is the army list my girlfriend used:

Rune priest – 100

Wolf guard battle leader – 85
Power weapon

9 Grey hunters – 140
Melta gun

Rhino – 50
Extra armour

5 Grey hunters – 80
Melta gun

Razorback – 55
Extra armour

4 Long fangs – 90
3 x missile launcher

Whirlwind – 85

Lone wolf – 45
Power weapon, wolf

Dreadnaught – 120
Assault cannon, extra armour

Space wolf deployment

Not quite what I wanted, a lot of armour and long range, and a whirlwind. Now I cant remember the last time I saw some one take a whirlwind but in this instance, I think It will deal a lot of damage to me. I will have to take it out very quickly before it destroys me.

So we rolled for deployment and the space wolves get to choose, picking the quarter with the rocky hill on. Deployment, and every model starts in their transport, the whirlwind hangs at the back and the long fangs on the hill while the lone wolf and dreadnought where at the front of the line ready and willing to take the fight to the Eldar.
My turn to deploy and the guardians go out front to act like a screen for the aspect warriors while the avatar is in the centre anchoring my line, giving every one fearless. I attempt to steal the initiative but fail with a roll of a roll. So the game begins.

Wolf 1

Keeping the time intact the long fangs and tanks hold their ground while the dreadnought and lone wolf move forward to get to grips with the eldar line as quickly as possible, hoping to rip them apart in combat.
Shooting and to start the whirlwind unleashes its payload at the fire dragons and lock on, with the payloads incinerating 5 of the aspect warriors. Seeing the dragons survive the dreadnaught brings its assault cannon and storm bolter to bear releasing a torrent of bullets at them. Due to a cover save from intervening units only one dragon falls however, leaving two dragons left. The rune priest calls forth the power of the elements; unleashing lighting on the avatar of khaine, but with a blood chilling roar the avatar absorbs the lighting in his stride, taking no damage. Next the long fans fire missiles at the Avatar taking a chunk out of the beast, leaving it on 3 wounds. Finally the razorback takes down 2 guardians with its heavy bolter as the lone wolf runs 6 inches towards the Eldar.

Eldar 1

The war host rushes forward, trying to close the gap between them and the guns taking a large toll on the warriors.
The turn ends very quickly as the scatter laser from the guardian’s bounces off the whirlwind thanks to some cover saves. I’m in trouble now.

Wolf 2

Taking no damage from the eldar the wolves take advantage of the turn. The dreadnaught and lone wolf again move towards the guardians, everyone else holds position again.
Again starting the shooting phase the whirlwind launches shells at the Eldar, targeting the guardians, but the shot scatters a few inches, landing on 5 guardians, 2 banshees and one of the final two dragons. Fortunately for me only 2 guardians, 2 banshees and the dragon die... so actually it was a damn painful shot. The dreadnought then fires upon the avatar stripping it of another wound, leaving him with two left. Attempting to fell the beast, the rune priest sends more lighting to kill the avatar, but from 6 hits only 1 wound get though, reducing the avatar down to 1 wound. The rhino and razorback both fire at the guardians and take one guardian each. In a final attempt to kill the avatar the long fangs again fire at him, managing to deal 2 wounds, but one gets past the invulnerable save, reducing the molten beast to ashes.
Combat and the lone wolf assaults the guardians disembowelling two with his power weapon as his wolf mauls a further one. Being on the receiving end of such an assault, the eldar would not put up a fight and fled, but unable to run fast enough the guardians get cut down to the slavering pair. The lone wolf is then left on his own in the middle of the eldar lines.

The lone wolf and pet

Eldar 2

Seeing an opportunity to avenge the fallen guardians, the banshees move towards the lone wolf, as the dire avengers run towards the trees to gain some cover from the enemy’s guns.
The banshees open fire on the lone wolf killing his pet wolf before charging him. The combat is over very quickly as the banshee’s power weapons make no noise as they quickly and efficiently kill the marines before he knows what has happened. As the combat was over the banshees then attempted to use the massacre roll to avoid the dreadnaught but only managed to roll 1 inch... leaving then I'm a very bad position.

Wolf 3

In an attempt to eradicate the final elder units from the battle field the dreadnaught strides towards the banshees, aiming to avenge the fallen lone wolf. The rest of the army held position about to unload hell upon the xenos.
With the opening volley the dreadnaughts assault cannon rips apart two banshees, the whirlwind once again fires missiles into the air, hitting the dire avengers, locking on, managing to hit 6 of the aspect warriors. After the explosion 2 dire avengers manage to stand, while 4 charred remains lie on the floor. The razorback kicks into heavy bolters into gear targeting the banshees killing 2 more of the she daemons. Attempting to finish off the final banshees the long fangs fire krack missiles and manage to wipe out the final aspect warriors. As the final act of the turn, the rune priest brings down the lighting of wrath, crushing 3 dire avengers with his awesome power, leaving 3 remaining.

Eldar 3

The war walker finally arrives from reserve, out flanking on the right hand side. The final dire avengers run for cover, trying to reduce any incoming fire aimed at them.
In its first act of the game the war walker fires upon the rear armour of the razorback in a faint attempt to deal some last minute damage. After one penetrating hit, I only shake the razorback.

Wolf 4

With no need to move the entire army opens up on the elder, with the dreadnaught moving down two of the dire avengers whilst the rune priest brings down the wrath of an angry god on the final aspect warrior, obliterating him. The long fangs then trace a bead upon the final elder filth on the battlefield, firing 3 missiles at the walker, blowing it apart.

Victory to the space wolves, 6 – 0.

Well then that was a very interesting game, getting no kill points and giving away everything. So what have I learnt from this? Not that much.
·       Footdar are very difficult to play with at this points level, i can’t get my important units where i need them leaving them to get destroyed. Its quite irritating.
·         I need more long range firepower if i take footdar, maybe some more war walkers.
·         Guardians suck, i really should stop taking them. They just die to everything.

Well i need some more experimenting with the footdar, it could be interesting using them in such a different way from mech could be interesting. 


  1. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that Guardians suck. They're meant to die, and when taken right, they are devastating in footdar lists.
    I typically run 10 man squads to maximize the amount of scatter lasers on the field. Think of the squad as a very spongey heavy weapon. Keep it back, and pummel them while soaking up massive amounts of wounds. If the enemy becomes unfortunate enough to get too close without being able to assault, then the shuri cats will rip 'em apart.

  2. Guardians don't suck, they are a nice shield and can be 20 strong. With an Avatar they need effort to take down.

    In such small games an Avatar giving cover to a Wraithlord is quite nice. They cover your counter assault too so you need no banshees. Actually an Avatar plus two wraithlords with lance/launchers and guardians should do quite fine.


  3. Hmm, looks like her list clocked in at 850.