Friday 22 June 2012

10k Views hit!!!

So i noticed this week i have hit a quite amazing 10,000 page views for my blog. Now when i started this blog i never though i would make it so 1,000  views. I just want to say thank you to every one who has ever commented or just viewed my blog, it makes it feel like all the battle reports and shit hasn't been worthless. Anyway onto a little bit of content (sorry its not much again).

Well look what i have got here, my order has finally arrived and i'm going to be having some fun soon. As i currently have my guard on the go i'm thinking i might tie the two in together and base my guard with urban bases. Who knows. I just need to order some more creators then i can some fully blown out ruins with barricades. I'm not exactly sure how i'm going to build them all yet, any ideas would be good, or even better send some pictures and i can put them up on the blog for every one to see.  
 But for now that's all i have. 


  1. Check my blog mate, there's loads of battle reports on there with my CoD buildings on. Perhaps you can steal some ideas or something.

  2. I have mate and some of yours are quite cool. I wont be doing it but i really like the way you have made them look over grown.