Friday 20 July 2012

Exterminate the swarm... Eldar vs Tyranids 1500

Unsurprisingly I'm using eldar again, I'm starting to get board of them but they still aren’t painted so I got to carry on. Anyway I digress, this weeks battle report is a game against tyranids, 1500 points, Big guns never tier, vanguard strike. Can I beat the bugs? Read and find out...

Eldar 1500

Avatar – 155 (Warlord – nothing useful)

Farseer – 130
Spirit stones, runes of warding, Mind war, guide (swapped for Misfortune and forewarn)

20 guardians – 215
Warlock, conceal, scatter laser

8 Dire avengers – 96

8 Dire avengers – 96

6 Fire dragons – 96

Wave serpent – 120
Spirit stones, twin linked shurikan cannon, shurikan cannon

6 Fire dragons – 96

Wave serpent – 120
Spirit stones, twin linked shurikan cannon, shurikan cannon

3 vypers – 180
2x shurikan cannon

5 shining spears – 197
Exarch, skilled rider

The basic idea of my army was for the avatar to hold the centre with the guardians and dire avengers while the vypers and wave serpents go down a flank taking out the enemy, allowing me to take out the weakest part of the enemy army. That’s provided I go first, if I go second I will reserve that side of the army and do the same a few turns later.

Tyranids 1500

Hive tyrant – 235
Armoured shell, heavy venom cannon, lash whip and bone sword (biomancy – warp speed + another)

2 tyrant guard – 120

 Warriors – 180
Sything talons, devourers

Spore – 40

10 gaunts – 100

Tervigons – 180
Catalyst, toxin sacs, spine cluster

Harpy – 170
Heavy venom cannon

Trygon – 200

Tyrannofex – 265
Rupture cannon

That’s a lot of big creatures... again. I need to find a way to take them out other than dragons. Hopefully I will do better than last time I played against nid-zilla. I will have to take what I learnt last time, they are slow, so try to focus on the objectives and avoid the beasts if at all possible.

Tyranid deployment

We rolled for mission and get big guns never tier with the vanguard strike deployment. A different set up to last time so its new and I was quite exited at the prospect. My opponent wins the roll to go first so sets up quite aggressively, keeping the Trygon and harpy in reserve. I then set up with my avatar in the centre with my infantry. I keep my vehicles in reserve so they don’t get shot down first turn from the sheer number of templates. I decided to roll to steal the initiative and some how get it... so I go first. That’s a nice surprise.

Eldar deployment
Eldar turn 1

With half of my army in reserve there wasn’t much I could do. I cast forewarn on the guardians (makes conceal a bit pointless). The avatar spearheads the attack flanked by dire avengers and guardians. The other unit of dire avengers holds the objective on the rocky outcrop. The shining spears move up the left flank.
Shooting phase started with the spears turbo boosting but the guardians failed to wound the hive tyrant with their scatter laser. And that was my first turn.

Tyranids turn 1

The Tervigon spawns some gaunts for the first time (and last thank god) with 15 little buggers appearing with a double 6 appearing. But it was something I didn’t expect, I totally forgot they could do that, so they gaunts moved and where scarily close to my bikes. I didn’t expect them to live very long. The Tervigon then follows the buggers towards them. The old gaunts hold their ground on the objective while the rest of the army moves towards me.
The new gaunts shoot at the spears and manage to kill 3 of my bikes including the Exarch after a bad look out sir roll (bad placement by me). The Tervigon shoots its spine clusters at my guardians but luckily it scatters way off into no where. The tyrant shoots at the avatar but scatters as well. However it tyrannofex hits the avatar dead on with two shots but I make one of the two saves. The old gaunts then shoot at the avatar and manage to slip a single wound past its armour. So my warlord is down to 2 wounds... not good.

we proxyed gaunts from the tervigon

Eldar turn 2

Rolling for reserves both the wave serpents come in on the right flank, I was planning on getting the dragons out next turn to kill the tyrannofex. I attempt to cast misfortune on the hive tyrant but he ‘denies the witch’, damn, the guardians are then forewarned. The guardians move forward to help out the spears from the gaunts, 15 is too many for two of the bikers to handle. The avatar moves towards the hive tyrant while the avengers stay behind of him, not entirely sure what to do.  The bikes move slightly towards the gaunts, ready to pounce on them.

Both wave serpents fire at the gaunts holding the objective in my opponents deployment, managing to take out 5 of the bugs. The guardians target the other gaunts and take down 6, supported by the bikes who claim a further 1.
Combat starts as the shining spears charge the gaunts killing 2 (hammer of wrath did nothing). The gaunts attack back and some how kill one (i forgot they gain benefits from the tervigon). I win combat but I'm not going to win that, and probably give up first blood. That was a bad move me... bad move.

Tyranids turn 2

Both of the monstrous creatures in reserve appear... that’s not great for me. The Trygon deep strikes behind my lines but scatters away 9 inches towards the board edge, but still on it. The harpy moves up the right hand side, hunting my serpents. All the monsters move towards the eldar. The hive tyrant casts war speed on himself (but gets a perils with double 1) taking a wound, but gets +3 attacks and initiative. The Tervigon moves towards the guardians intent on charging them this turn.

The old gaunts shoot at the avengers in the centre but fail to get any wounds past their armour. The harpy shoots at one of the wave serpents but bounces off the hull.   The tyrannofex also opens up on the wave serpents but thanks to the force field nothing happens. The Tervigon shoots at the guardians, hitting 8 but only killing 3 (thank god for 4+ invul). The hive tyrant shoots at the avatar but the shot scatters and hits the poor guardians killing two more of them.
Charges are declared and the Tervigon roars at the guardians who go into over watch, but I fail to do any wounds to it. But... rolling for charge distance, the Tervigon appears to be out of range by 1 inch. That was damn lucky. The hive tyrant charges the avatar in a warlord fight. The hive tyrant smashes the avatar but failed to deal any wounds. The guards deal a wound to the avatar who deals a single wound to the guards. Why I didn’t just challenge the hive tyrant I don’t know... a bit of a mistake on my part. The new gaunts murder the bike in combat... first blood to the tyranids (1-0).

Eldar turn 3

The vypers come in this turn on the right hand flank, close to the harpy. The Farseer attempts to forewarn the guardians again and misfortune the Tervigon but thanks to shadow in the warp all my psychic powers are shut down this turn. The wave serpents drop off the fire dragons by the tyrannofex while the dire avengers on the rock out crop move to avoid the Trygon but still be in range of it. The other dire avengers move to be in range of the old guants. The guardians, powerless, move towards the new gaunts.
Shooting starts with the vypers shooting at the harpy, from 18 shots only 1 of them hits but fail to wound. Looking at the rules, flying monsters that are HIT not wounded must take a grounding test. That’s a little odd but we went with it. He failed the roll so the best plummets to the floor taking a wound. Now its grounded the wave serpents open up on the harpy managing to deal enough wounds to it to reduce it to 1 wound... but not kill it. Irritating. The fire dragons shoot at the tyrannofex and deal 4 wounds to it, leaving it on 2. The dire avengers kill the remaining gaunts on the objective while the other group shoot at the Trygon but the shots fail to do anything. The guardians also finish off the new gaunts.
Combat is quick, the hive tyrant smashes the avatar back to the craftworld core... kill the warlord (2-0). 

Tyranids turn 3

The tyranid warriors spore pod comes in by the fire dragons, jumping out ready to dakka my dragons to death. The harpy goes for a vector strike on the dragons managing to kill 4, but it also drops its spore mines which kill a dragon from each unit. The tyrant casts warp speed again, gaining +2, and it casts it with out trouble. The tyrannofex moves further forward as does the Trygon looking for meat.
The large base is the spore pob
Shooting phase and the harpy runs, attempting to move off the table but just misses the table edge. The Trygon shoots at the dire avengers on the rocky outcrop but I pass my saves. The Tyranofex hits a wave serpent twice and gets two penetrating hits, 1 is saved thanks to jink but the other shakes the tank. The Tervigon shoots at the guardians and kills 4 and wounds the Farseer. The warriors shoot the larger dragon unit killing 3, reducing them to two models.
Combat and the tyrant charges the dire avengers just in front of it, but over watch deals a single wound to the tyrant. The dire avengers lose 7 models in combat and run, getting cut down. The Trygon also kills 7 models from the dire avengers who run getting cut down as well. Not a good turn to be a dire avenger.

Eldar turn 4

 The Farseer fails to forewarn the guardians again thanks to shadow in the warp. However I manage to misfortune the Tervigon, let’s see how useful this power is. The shaken wave serpent moves out of the line of fire. The vypers move to shoot at the warriors, as does the working wave serpent. The fire dragons move close to the warriors, at the one closest to the vypers so hopefully, if I kill one it will be removed and the dragons will have a clear view to the tyrannofex. The guardians move towards the misfortune Tervigon, aiming to get as many in range to down it thanks to misfortune.
Shooting and the guardians manage to get 16 shots on the Tervigon and get 6 wound rolls, and thanks to the dice gods smiling on me 3 of those wound the monster, reducing it to 3 wounds. The wave serpents shoot at the warriors but do nothing. The vypers also shoot at them, dealing 6 wounds, so the two closest die, leaving the dragons open to shoot at the tyrannofex. The fire dragons manage to kill the tyrannofex with their two shots. The single dragon misses the pod, it would have been useful insta killing it.
Combat phase, the guardians charge the Tervigon, managing to smash the farseer to death with a well times precision strike. It’s cinematic but unfortunate. The guardians however manage to deal a single wound to the monster. I lose combat by 1 and run, but escape. The Tervigon moves 3 inches after them.

Tyranids turn 4

The harpy flies off the table, entering ongoing reserve as the Tervigon moves forward out of the forest. The Tervigon gives feel no pain to the tyrant and his unit. The hive tyrant then moves up behind the guardians ready to charge them. The Trygon moves to claim the objective on the rock out crop.
Shooting and the spore kills the fire dragon in front of it as the warriors shoot the other dragons.
Combat and the hive tyrant charge the guardians who fail to regroup so are destroyed. Damn.  

Eldar turn 5

The vypers and wave serpents combine their fire and manage to kill two more warriors.

Tyranids turn 5

The warriors run from the eldar vehicles and claim the objective in the ruins.

We roll and the game ends turn 5. We add up points and the score ended...
Eldar 0 – Tyranids – 11
Quite a dramatic loss for me.

Yer, I have a difficulty with nid-zilla it seems. Last edition I did, and this edition I do apparently as well. The game was really fun with ups and down but ultimately a crushing defeat for me. So what did I learn?

·         Positioning is vital: the way I position my models in my unit is key, losing my exarchs and putting wounds on independent characters (even with the +2 LOS) is bad. I need to make sure this doesn’t happen again. But on the flip side the positioning of my vypers where useful for removing models obstructing the line of fire for the dragons. Placing my fast vehicles in key places might help in the future.
·         Psychic powers: the new powers are nice, but I miss knowing what I will have. I might go back to just using eldar powers for a few games, or take a second Farseer. Yer, I think I will drop the avatar and take a second Farseer. 
·         Fast vehicles: are still awesome, I'm loving them more each game.
·         List: I need more low ap weapons, maybe some star cannons or missile launchers. Just having dragons isn’t cutting it. At least it didn’t this game.

So that’s it for this week. I'm going on holiday now, so next week I have another battle report lines up for you so make sure your back next Friday to read it.

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