Friday, 19 October 2012

3 Night challenge: Night 2

So the second night has passed and i have a few models to show for it. Am i happy with my progress? hell no. I have to be one of the slowest painters in the history of 40 k. 3 Nights to paint that list i put up was very optimistic so i will be surprised if i even finish half of the list. Still one more night to go... so you never know.

Anyway, what have i done so far? Last night i finished the 3 guardians that where painted in the first night, so that's 3 full models down. I also started painting 8 more, 6 are about 50% done, 2 about 40%. Hopefully i will get those done tonight, meaning i have at least painted 1 squad. If i get time i will paint the weapons platform and make a start on the dragons. I'm not expecting miracles though.

Here are the pics of what's done so far:

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