Friday, 23 November 2012

Renegade guard 500 point army

With my renegade guard sitting in pieces, the urge to put them together has slowly been building up. Before I waste any time or money on this army I want to have a list properly built so I know what I'm doing with it. So what do you think of the following list?

Commissar Lord - 90
Power fist, Melta Bomb

Platoon Command - 40
2x Flamer

Infantry Squad - 70
Power Axe, Autocannon

Infantry Squad - 70
Power Axe, Autocannon

Infantry Squad - 70
Power Axe, Autocannon

10 Veterans - 100
2x Plasma gun

5 Rough Riders - 60
Melta bomb

When writing this list my basic plan for it would be to blob the 3 squads together with the commissar lord leading them. The Vets and Command squad would go together down a flank supported by the rough riders, so they should be able to aid the blob if needed as well as threaten key targets the enemy will have to threaten me. As this will only be used in 500 point games i cant see many high armor vehicles coming my way so the autocannons should be able to deal with most armor  If 2+ saves are thrown at me, the power axes and plasma guns should hopefully do enough damage to destroy them.

The reason I want to get a list ready first is because i normally just buy a load of things and make a list from that, but this time I don't want that, I just want to have the models I want. Another thing to take into account is that after this has been painted fully I will think of expanding it to 1000 points, then later 1500 etc... So its going to be a slow expansion for the army.

So what do you guys think of this list? how can it be improved? what would you change?


  1. OK, unless your playing house rules as far as I know Imp guard only have power weapons and no option for an axe. Secondly drop the rough riders! Unless they are there for army background don't go there. Try a company command squad even if it's just for the orders. Twin linked autocannons against vehicles anyone?

  2. OK mouth fart regarding power axes, sorry. Company command squad still stands though or if you need the mobility as everything is about objectives a chimera for your vets.

    1. Ok i might drop the rough riders for now, but i do love the idea of them (even if they will die in a single turn to any shooting unit). So with those points get a chimera.

      If i go for a company command i will have to then find points for a commissar for the infantry squads, as i need them stubborn. hmmm... maybe drop the flamers to free points for him? im not sure.