Thursday, 29 November 2012

Shit Just Got Real

Well that's a horrible awakening, i have just had to start playing Google in order to get more photo space. Its not much but still it makes me think. Should i start trying to get some money out of my site by putting up adds? Would it ruin it or would you guys not care? What do you think?

Please let me know.


  1. Stop! You don't have to pay Google for more Picasa space.

    Ran into this problem a couple of months ago. Even made a post about it.

    Please check it out. Its extremely detailed and will resolve your issue.

    Thank me later.

    slainte mhath

    1. You beautiful person, already paid for this month but you have just saved me money in the future. I owe you one.

    2. You're welcome, Malduran. You could just send me the 2.49$ a month /wink.

      Didn't take you long to figure out how to resize the pics to 800x800.

      slainte mhath