Saturday 1 December 2012

Weekly Re-Visit

With Mercer over at Imperious Dominatus stopping his weekly round up i felt like something was missing, so i have decided to try and take what i though was a brilliant article, and staple it onto my blog. It's theft but he knows about so its all cool. To start off i have 6 posts that i think are worth re-visiting this week. So i hope you all enjoy them as much as i did...

Battle Report: How to lose at 40K has a big ol battle report at foycon. A lot of nice pics.

Painting: Strictly average has a beautifully painted daemon prince of nurgle.

Painting: Tale of Painters shows off a beautifully painted Night goblin warboss.

Hobby: From the warp has how to make a pre-heresey era jump pack, looks pretty awesome.

Tactics: The Mandulian Chapel have crispy talking about his tyranids, quite an interesting read.

Tactics: Imperious Dominatus has an article on how to beat chaos daemons, its got a few nuggets of knowledge so its well worth a read.

So i hope you enjoyed this re-visit. Any suggestions let me know...