Sunday 30 December 2012

Weekly Round up

The weekly round up is a collection of articles that i have found through out the week that i believe are worthy of being collected into one place for you all to view again. So click to see what i have this week for you...

Battle Report: The Mandulian Chapel has yet another battle report from Da Boyz GT 2012, dark eldar vs grey knights.

Painting: Zen 40k has yet more white scar Cataphractii

Painting: Jawaballs has a lamentors storm raven wip.

Painting: 5th Column shows off his heresy era space wolves, beautifully painted.

Fortifications: IDICBeer presents us with his finished obelisk and chaos battlements... they look cool

Due to christmas we don't have articles this week, hopefully it will be a little more varied next week..


  1. Thanks for the recognition! Have a happy new year cheers JP at the 5th Column.