Friday 8 February 2013

Dark Potential

Dark potential is a up and coming table top game set in a post apocalyptic version of earth in the 24th century. It’s currently in its beta tests and has been created by mini wargaming. From what they have so far it’s a very exciting game.

When a friend of mine (looking at you jonny) introduced me to dark potential the first thing that grabbed me was the detail of the background. This was part of the reason I got sucked into the game. The basic story for those of you interested is that humanity started exploring the stars and inhabited several systems. They never came across any aliens until they met the X’lanthons, and they destroyed each of the human out posts one by one, until they reached earth. Not waiting to battle the human navy they crashed into the planet and released a bio-weapon that killed 99% of the population. The only ones who survived, where those prepared and ready in air tight bunkers. After years hiding away humanity creeps out of their shelters to find earth over grown with trees and plants. Yet the aliens are not to be found; only rotting husks of the ships. I assume they aliens then appear again as they are in the game. But either way I love it, for more detail visit here.

Art work for dark potential

Several months ago they put up pre-orders for a range of models and I jumped at the chance to help the guys out. And a few days ago my order arrived from Canada full of new models. I saw a few of the models online before hand and they looked ok, but now I have them in my hands they are amazing. Compared to the 40k models I am used to they are very small and thin but I think they look good. I can’t wait to get these guys painted.
My order has arrived

The rules for the game are currently free as they are still in beta testing and are continuously changing. Unlike games like warhammer where the higher you roll the better, its the opposite, where high rolls are probably going to get you killed. It’s a small skirmish game based about 500 points from what I understand and you will only have maybe a dozen models per side. Its based around using command points to aid other units so you have to be careful to keep men close together to work together. If you look at my order you can see the current 3 factions with models, the Corporation, the Reclaimers and the X'lanthos. They will be releasing a 4th faction eventually, all based on robots. As I said, its very interesting.

two of my corporation models just unboxed

 But what does this mean for this blog? Well I am aiming to get my models painted up and having games when I can. I would love to try and help the guys making this game on the forums which they have to get feedback. For now though I will just get painting. I hope this little post has sparked you interest in this game, I just want to spread the word.

One more thing... when i ordered my models i asked if they could add a picture of a cat for me. Well look that i found on my box.

Thats right, a cat.

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