Monday, 11 March 2013

War walkers: Completed

The time has finally come, the war walkers are complete. Its only taken me 4 months of not doing anything for them to finally be done. Then i realise i have 1 more in a box some where and then i need to repaint the old 2. But such sad thoughts are for another time. 

Now that they are completed i can move on with my painting schedule so whats next i hear you say (i know you didn't say it but i helps my ego). Well i want to get the colossal squig done with, then maybe the wraithguard. Once i have those two done and dusted i am going to seriously start with my imperial guard. Granted it wont be imperial guard all the time, as eldar units still need to be painted, but it will be a nice change away from all the purple and bleached bone (or what ever its called now). So there you have it, that's my painting schedule for this month (if i'm quick).  

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