Thursday 4 July 2013

Warmachine game 3: Menoth vs Khador 15 points

This weeks game of warmachine is a 15 point game vs khador. I was rather worried about this game as it had a lot of models on the table. While I don’t know what it really is I have heared bad things about the khador ‘winter guard deathstar’ which I will be facing.

The Armies

Epic Feora
Crusader heavy warjack
Vanquisher heavy warjack
Repenter Light warjack
5 cinerators

Forward Kommander Kratikoff
Kodiak Heavy warjack
Winter guard w/missiles
Widow maker solo

The Battle
Khador deployment

He won the roll to set up and go first, putting the winter guard and solo on the left while his warjack and warcaster deployed on the right. I set up by cinerators on the right and my warjacks on the left with Feora behind them.
Menoth deployment

The start of the game was uneventful as the khador moved forwards casting a spell to increase their defence. In my first turn I just move forwards after casting escort. The second turn it started to get interesting and the winterguard shot at my light warjack and damadged it considerably but not enough. In return my repenter burnt a few of the winterguard and my vanquisher killed a few more with its area of effect weapon.

Mid game saw the battle turn in my favour, I lost the repenter the following turn to the winter guard and I lost 3 cinerators to Kratikoff but I attempted to hold her in position but they failed to even hit her. On the left side of hte table I managed to reduce the winter guard down to a single model and kill off the solo. In the centre my crusader charged his Kodiak and dealt a considerable amount of damage to it.

Towards the end of the game it went south for me as while the khador army was reduced to 3 models his warcaster still had a few tricks up her sleeve. He cast a spell to get out of the combat unharmed and charged into Feora and slay her in a single turn while she used her feat. I died by him dealing a single extra box to feora.
The killing blow

If I was smart enough to keep feora next to a warjack she would have had extra armour and she would have lived. It would have given me an extra turn to escape from his warcaster and possibly stand a chance of winning. But over all I was close but lost the game by taking my eye off the prize.

Coming from 40k to warmachine is a little awkward, as I keep forgetting that I have to kill the warcaster and not his entire force. Never mind, next game might go better.  

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