Wednesday 9 October 2013

Temple of Khorne W.I.P

For those of you who have watched my blog for a while might remember this from a LONG time ago, its my temple of khorne. Finally i have gotten around to painting at least a bit of it so hopefully it will be finished soon. But still here are my current WIP photos of it.
The temple has seen better days with some of the blood letter statues being vandalised and broken over the years since its abandonment. 

Its not close to being finished yet as i will be adding a statue of a blood thrister on the pedestal at the end as a focus point for any sacrificing to the gods. As well i will be scattering some piles of skulls and maybe a skeleton to show old offerings still scattered around the place. I can't wait till its finished.

As an aside i was thinking of having some rules for the terrain in game. I haven't set anything in stone yet but i was thinking that you count how many models die while inside the bounds of the temple. When a certain number of models die e.g 5 models, 10 models, 15 models you can roll a die and on a roll e.g. 6+, 5+, 4+ you can roll on a chart summon either blood letters or a herald of khorne which will attack any models who enter the bounds of the temple or with in a certain range. While its nothing too scary or game breaking it could be an interesting. Do you go into the cover of the temple and risk spilling blood for the blood god, or do you avoid it and stay in the open? Especially if an objective is placed inside it.

That's it from me for now, hope you enjoyed.


  1. Awesome idea for those otherwise boring pillars! I'm tempted to do something similar. :)

    Some grass (maybe yellowish?) might be nice, though.

    I added you to my Blog Roll, would be nice if you checked out my blog:

  2. Looking good. If you go with the rules then I would have it use Khorn's number 8 and multiples of it. Also I would grab some liquid green stuff and fill/cover some of those joins in the pillars as they stand out a fair bit at the moment.

  3. Love the idea but a thought. If it's a temple of Khorne slather some blood over spots (maybe you've already got that planned.) I also very much agree with Grundy about making the sacrifice points be multiples of 8 since that is Khorne's sacred number.