Wednesday 16 October 2013

Tournament Prep: Getting the army ready

With the tournament fast coming upon me i need to get my models up to scratch, and indeed i need to find a way to represent an iracus lascannon as i only have a quadgun right now. A few of my models need rebasing, and i have been stripping old models so they can be primed purple to give my force a more cohesive look. Thankfully i dont need to have my army painted for this tournament. 
Well first of all i came up with an idea for a lascannon, i look apart my quad gun and found an old lascannon i have had lying around for some time. So with a bit of wood, blue tac and an old hatch. So this is what i came up with and im quite happy with it.

Now these are the models that have been stripped and their bases are getting sanded, soon they will be sprayed and ready for the tournament. I need to re-base my wraithguard as well, putting them on bigger bases so no one complains. Stupid wraithguard.

Here are the new bases for my wraithguard, all painted up and looking good. Its strange, they seem so big next to the wraithguard model. But at least they are done, not as cool as the new models but never mind.

And to finish off my case is ready for the tournament... Wish me luck guys.


  1. Good luck and Have fun.
    PS the marine captain arrived, I've shot a little video of me opening it and will be doing some Blogg work over the next two weeks.

  2. Look forward to hearing how it goes! Goodluck!