Tuesday 26 November 2013

Renegade Guard continues

A while back i may have said that i am only going to make one unit at a time for my renegade guard, well i got bored and i couldn't spray the dudes that i have made, so i may have made a few more units than just this one squad, jump to see what i did...

With the second infantry squad i played around with using some catachan and cadian arms and i don't think they look too bad, and for price reasons i am going to have to add a few more instead of buying more of the renegade arms.

I love the command squad, the detail on the commander is absolutely beautiful, and a arm attacked chainsaw can only be awesome. The flag as well is great and beautifully detailed.

And a chimera for good measure, with the forgeworld brass on for extra chaosness. Brilliant. 

As soon as the weather improves i'm going to spray the bunch of them and get painting, i really want to get this army pained so i could use it in a tiny point game. Then i might sort out some rough riders, who knows. 


  1. looking good. Rough riders are a lot of fun to use and having just looked ebay has a load of old Muti raiders starting at 99p atm so could be a reasonable priced option.

    1. I did think of using them ages ago. I have bought a box of maruder horsemen to convert up but if I can get the muties for the right price I may change my mind.

    2. If they don't skyrocket on ebay you can always kit bash between the two at increase unit size.