Tuesday 24 December 2013

Lord of War: Eldar Lynx

With the forgeworld PDF release the other weak it has opened up A LOT more options for us, as I am sure you are aware, as now practically every forgeworld model can be used in a game of 40k. As the only super heavy that I own is the Eldar lynx, this was a great boon to me. I have only used it once, in a game of apocalypse, which I didn’t think about using it, I just wanted a big D on the table, so now, I have to consider if I should take it or not in a 1500 point game.

So what is the Eldar Lynx? It’s a smaller super heavy vehicle compared to most, with only 6 hull points and its armour is a little less than desired with armour value 11 all around, so it’s quite a vulnerable tank if you let it take a turn of shooting. It’s a fast skimmer allowing it to move 12 inches but as it’s a super heavy it doesn’t get access to jink. To counter this it comes with Eldar titan holo-fields, so it get a little bit of protection, ignoring 1/3 of its hits if it’s stationary and ½ if it moves.

Weapons available to it of note are the Pulsar or the sonic lance. The Pulsar is a D weapon with 2 large blasts; the sonic lance is a hellstorm template that will wound on a 3+, so two very good options. Currently mine is made with a pulsar, but I can always proxy it as the other, I doubt any one will really care. You also have the option of a secondary weapon, it comes with a shuriken cannon as standard, but you can upgrade it to either a scatter laser, star cannon or bright lance, so it can aid it in whatever field it want to excel at. Personally I’m thinking of upgrading the cannon to a scatter laser to twin link either the pulsar or sonic lance. While re-rolling the scatter on the pulsar is nice, being able to re-roll all the failed to wound rolls on a hellstorm template just sounds REALLY fun to me.

An odd special rule that the lynx comes with is Sky Hunter, it allows the lynx to become a flyer for a turn allowing it to zoom but It can’t shoot any weapons while doing it. This gives it a great ability to redeploy or even just to get off the table for a turn and come on next to avoid getting shot to bits. While I can’t say I will be using this ability too much, it’s a handy trick to have up your sleeve.   

The cost of the Lynx is 420 points, it’s pricy considering how easily it can be destroyed, but it’s an Eldar tank, it’s not meant to absorb much fire power (unlike a wave serpent apparently). However it can dish out pain very easily, and will destroy a lot of enemy units given a chance.  But which set up should you go for? I don’t know. If you want anti-tank I would say go pulsar/scatter laser and if you want to kill swathes of infantry the sonic lance/scatter laser is defiantly the way to go.

As my first attempt at including it in a army

Eldar 1499

Farseer – 120
Jetbike, singing spear, Telepathy

3 Jet bikes – 61
Shuriken cannon

3 Jet bikes – 61
Shuriken cannon

10 Guardians – 110
Bright lance
Wave serpent – 135
Holo field, scatter laser

6 Dire avengers - 78
Wave serpent – 135
Holo field, scatter laser

7 warp spiders – 133

6 swooping hawks - 96

Fire Prism – 140
Holo field

Lynx – 430
Pulsar, scatter laser

I know that I have complained about strength D weapon in the past, but I haven’t actually faced them in escalation yet, so I thought it was best I see how they play myself before condemning them to hell. The rest of the list is rather fast, so if I need to I can redeploy the whole army quickly, but the Lynx does take up A LOT of my points, that could easily go towards an additional dark eldar allied force or just more guns. I will have to see how it pans out in a game or 2 before deciding.

I know this list isn’t the greatest, and This is a Helmet’s IG list would dominate it, but I think this list has merit, and I can use the wave serpents to shield the Lynx if I need to. But what do you guys think?


  1. Oh, I don't know if I would dominate it. A couple good holofield rolls and some D-shots (can't really miss a target like the baneblade) means that Lynx could be a real threat. If course the best use for it would probably be killing a Hydra a turn so that my firepower vs you diminishes faster. You could also probably use that Wave Serpents as a shield (see what I did there) to give the Lynx a cover save. Would that stack with Titan Holo-fields since both aren't a save?

    Never before wished I lived over the pond. Would love to get a game in vs. that.

  2. BTW, I just checked IA, 2nd Edition and they have the Lynx at 320 pts. with 12/12/10 for armor, with makes it way better. Are your rules the most up to date?

    1. My rules are coming from the newest imperial armour apocalypse book which replaced both imperial armour 2nd edition and imperial armour apocalypse 2.

      The rules where its 320 are from when you could shake or damage weapons so as it only really has 1 major gun it had to be cheaper. Chances are even with av 12 it was going to be shaken most of the game.

  3. I'll have to see if I can get a copy of that book. I didn't realize they'd updated it all so soon (how many Imperial Armour: Apocalypse books does one game need?)