Thursday 30 January 2014

Apocalypse pictures: Jan 2014

These are the pictures from my recent apocalypse game, the sides each had 6000 points (2 Teams of 3 players) and we rolled on the apocalypse mission table and ended up playing Final Assault, but we didn't use the Unnatural Disasters table as we had enough to do in our time limit (and we didn't have the resources). 

The teams ended up being:
Team 1 - Eldar, chaos space marines and Tyranids 
Team 2 - Chaos space marines, Orks and Imperial fists (sentinels of Terra)

This is the 3rd Apocalypse game we have played together and for the first time we got to turn 5 in the time allotment and every one seamed to have a good time. A very enjoyable time. We had hoped that every one would use painted forces but as it turns out that wasn't possible, but a lot of the models were painted, making it look a better than a swarm of grey models.  


The Eldar take the flank, ready to sweep behind the enamy

The Blind Barrage comes down

The carnifex advance

The Kans cut down the Hive Tyrant

Daemon Prince painted and converted by Conell Redmond (it died to cultist fire)

The stompa stomps the wraithknight

The hormagants drag down a space marine captain

A mawlock strikes the cultist from below

A prince of khorne and terminators of Slaanesh| clash for an objective

A defiler just wants a hug

At the end of the game the result was a 8 - 5 win to Team 2, but it all came down to the last turn, If only we managed to kill the Ork Warmaster. A very good game.


  1. Sounds like you all had a blast. Congrats and thanks for the pics.

  2. Green is best :P. Big Mek Zzapkrakle wasn't about to get a crumpin' from panzees ;).

  3. Looks like a great game!

    Amazed to see someone running mutilators.